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October 02, 2012



Congratulations on #125!
The pink icicles are just up your alley. Wouldn't all the trees look a little prettier with some shiny tinsel on them? I can see you like an elf going out at night and decorating all the trees LOL. I love the graphics on things too.It's like the graphics on boxes or containers are announcing what's inside which makes it even more special.
Thanks for sharing!

Sheryl Remy

I have some of the twisted tin that I have mainly found a piece at a time. It's great to see an original box. There is such variety. I even love the honey container. This is the first year my husband and I have worked with bees. We have four hives. So far our friends have enjoyed the honey. Sheryl



I'm the reader who asked about your tinsel collection.
You were so nice to reply so quickly.
I knew when you said that you didn't have enough for a collection that it would only be a matter of time
before you realized you did!
I have 20 or so boxes of lead tinsel that I bought in a thrift shop years ago for a dime each and use it every year on our tree..... I loves it!
p.s. no pets or kids to eat it so no worries.
I also loves your blog!
Thanks for sharing!


Very cool! I have some of the solid plastic with the hooks on top (were my grandparents'), and just last year I saw an Etsy seller say the glow in the dark. I couldn't get mine to glow. Have you ever tried it?


Oh I can remember vacuuming up the thin ones all year long when i was a little girl! Memories! ♥


I am a sucker for graphics each and every time!
I love your attic stash. I think I can blame my excessive holiday hoard in the attic to the fact that my over 100 year old house has a very easy, accessible staircase. Add to that the fact that the attic is the entire expanse of the house. See...it's not my fault, it's the attic's fault. If it didn't want to store all these holiday things it wouldn't make it so easy...and I am sticking to my story...



You are the queen of estate sales! You could open a museum with all of your vintage goodies!! It's nice that someone like you has all these things, and loves and appreciates them, instead of them being in a landfill someplace. I used to have these kinds of tinsel on my tree as a kid. We had a dauchshound that used to eat it. Then of course his poop was very festive looking! lol


I love the box with the fireplace on the front. You could create w hole Christmas card around that!
I am also very glad they thought better of continuing to make them from lead - yikes! I bet the seight made them drape nicely, though.

Mary Borum

Hi Laurie, I loved all the tinsel but especially the really old boxes. I never realized that some tinsel had lead in it, and I don't remember ever seeing colored tinsel. Very fun!
Please show me your collection of scarecrows. I love them and seeing yours would show me what else is out there. Plus, it is just fun seeing your collections.
Thanks. Mary B.


125 is an amazing number!! I know I don't collect that many things. I do miss the "real" tinsel...


Laurie, It's a good thing you moved all those Christmas ornaments from your driveway to your spare bedroom as I am the type to stop at any curb and collect what's there! Tinsel! I love it and battle with my family each year whether it is a tinsel year or not. Love this post! E


Sweet collection, and I just love all the neat graphics on the boxes. I think you need to open up a museum of all your treasures! I would be there everyday!! xo Heather


The boxes are amazing! Love the one with the fireplace.
Now, I know why we used to call it "rain". I remember hanging all those boxes of icicles on our tree, one strand at a time (as directed on the box). It look so pretty with the large lights with reflectors. And when the furnace came on, the icicles would sway with the air movement. Magical.
Thanks for the memories.


Love those graphics, too. I would love to put tinsel on the tree but it's bad for pets (and a big mess, if I remember from childhood correctly!) My favorite scene in one of my favorite Christmas movies (The Bishop's Wife) is when the angel trims the tree just by waving his hands - like magic it's filled with icicles. Heavenly.

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