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October 16, 2012



your collection always amazes me..you find the BEST treasures...I am loving those masks! Have a great day. It is rainy here so out comes my new umbrella..big red polkadots!

Mary Borum

I love your finds. The Whirl-O stunt game is great. It would still be fun at a party. I love the magazine with the princess and her wand. Plus, you have found so many Gurly candles. Those are really cute! You have an amazing collection of Halloween!

Mary B.


oh my gosh i am in love with that weenie witch made of hot dogs!!! how cute!! and weird! my favorite combo. i did bobbing for donuts once where you hung them from strings and it was so fun! except it is hard to get to the end without your donut falling on the floor.


Well, I guess I missed checking in on you yesterday so I was pleasantly surprised to have 2 new blogs to read this morning. Your displays get better every year. I'm not sure about the Weenie Halloweenie, tho. Maybe substitute Snickers bars...?


Great fun! Hot dogs stuffed w/ green beans? I'm with your kids: no thanks! I have a few of the same Gurley candles. Love them! Do you have many Gurley Xmas candles, or is that a silly question?

Kim Kenward

You technically shared 2 amazing collections...Halloween party books and your FABULOUS Halloween candles! Two for the price of ONE! Love it!

Melissa's Antiques

The game is adorable. Loving the fortunes!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

You had me at Weeny-Witch! Bobbing for franks is priceless, and please PLEASE make one of those hot dog witches, and perch her on top of a steaming plate of stuffed franks with green beans!


I need to visit you!
ok.. "show me your collection of ghosts!"
do you have any? I have only a couple.
happy day


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I think you need to have this party. I'll come!

Lisa W.

Love this little collection, LOVE your Halloween hutch.... and now I have to go and begin planning my own Weenie Witch Party. Hilarious ! Thanks for sharing - as always.


Such a great collection, and I just love all the sweet graphics! The spinner is fun! xo Heather

Sheryl Remy

What a hoot. What they won't do to sell hot dogs. Seriously tho I love it. Great collection.

Mitzi Curi

How fun! Of course, I love the Weenie Witch! That's too cute!


Ha Ha Ha....Those party books from the 50's are hilarious!The names are funny too."Bobbing for Franks" and "Feed the Weeny Witch"? Those games seem kind of iffy.Can you imagine kids doing that now? So much fun to look at though.The Whirl-O game looks like it would be fun to play at a party! Cute candles and display in your hutch.You just gave me an idea on how to display my vintage candy bags.
Thanks again for sharing and giving me a good laugh and a happy smile to make my day :-)


I think this might be my favorite collection yet. you know I'm thinking those weenie games would be great for a bachelorette party or bridal shower bahahaha.

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