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October 23, 2012



what a great collection! that first one is cracking me up! the stork isn't holding htat baby sweetly at all! it looks like he is about to eat it!


Wow-- what a variety! Fun!


By far the newest one is the cake taker....second runner up is the wooden basket. Isn't it wonderful to have a few to choose from...I can't see a stork anymore with out thinking of you....smiles...Renee


I never would have guessed that safety pin was a stork! Cool idea. Thanks for sharing the update on your collection.

Mary B.

That is a great collection. I especially like the ones with babies hanging from their beaks. But my fav is the tiny charm hanging from the green bow. I, too, think of you whenever I see a stork. Thanks for sharing.

Mary B.


Wow, your collection has grown. It is so fun the way you have them all collected in one spot. Love that! Such a cute Place to Be! Elizabeth


I like the stork with the stork necklace. There's nothing like a well-accessorized stork.


Such a neat collection, and I love how they are all so unique and sweet! The basket is pretty cool!! xo Heather


YOU are getting deliciously out of control. I never knew I was so fond of storks. Delightful.

Although... the first stork with the baby in is beak looks a bit scary. I hope he remembers that it's a baby and not a goldfish.

Happy Tuesday.


Gosh you have some great ones! What made you start collecting storks?

Sheryl Remy

It's a great collection. I don't believe we associate babies with arriving via stork anymore or found in a cabbage patch. We are so honest about answering the little ones' questions about babies. This would therefore be a collection without the worries of reproductions. As always you make me smile. You are one of a kind. Sheryl


Sure do love looking at your storks again! The squeaky stork is my favorite along with the 2ft one,and how can you miss him... the 4ft store display guy.Of course they're all too cute!
Thanks for sharing :-)

Lisa W.

Love , Love , Love this collection ! I would have a heck of a time choosing a favorite, that's for sure. Thanks for sharing Laurie. Now I need to go back and study those photos one more time.


Our 'stork' was a 747 Jumbo Jet operated by Northwest Orient Airlines and brought me a baby from Korea on 10/28/81 and 12/08/83!


Love your stork collection, but more than that, I love that you show off your collections. They look so happy all hanging out in Storkland in you studio :) I MUST GET A STUDIO! They seem perfect in there but might look a little odd in my living room?


Whaaatt?! A stork collection! That's amazing! Your collections put mine to shame!


What a fabulous collection! I have always loved vintage storks! They are always so cute!!

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