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October 01, 2012



WOW!!! Thought I was an ornament hoarder......I'm going to have to walk around with sunglasses now because I think my eyes are dilated. My mouth is also wide open :-O
How fun!!! Thanks for sharing.I just got the prodding I needed to get going an haul my stuff out. Sounds like we married the right men. Phil would haul stuff out without uttering a word too LOL.


Your "empty nest" isn't so empty anymore. You are lucky to have found SO MUCH. Your DH can't complain about hooarding them since you use them and sell them, now can he? Mine quit commenting on my "stuff" after he started seeing my "paychecks" when I sell things.

Chris - A Little Creation

I've died and gone to vintage ornament heaven!! I'm trying really hard to not spend money on
frivolities to save for a trip to Belgium. This way I can look at all your pretty photos and dream.
Chris =]




Wowza! I think he was just busy counting his blessings that you are fond of ornaments and not bowling balls!

Kim Kenward

Seriously AMAZING! I'm in love with your stash.


I looked all year for large red ornaments to use on a project. Now, I know where they all are!
I did find 6 ornaments.

Really amazing. Didn't you show us a similar picture last year?

Well, I know you work hard collecting all your treasures. I can hardly wait to see what you do with these shiny baubles.


Look at all those pretties!! Wow, I would love to come play at your house!! Have a great week! xo Heather

Lisa W.

Oh, how I love seeing all that Christmas treasure. Thanks for sharing !


I'm telling you girl, you have more luck than anyone I know. Think I'll give you money to buy a Powerball ticket the way you score!


I see some ornament wreaths and burnt fingers in your future :)

Into Vintage

Certainly Mr Magpie has seen this before many times and is now simply immune to it.

I, however, am not! I think I can smell the glue gun from here...

Sheryl Remy

I could spend hours just looking and each box and giggling with delight. Does your husband give lessons in deportment. I have a husband that could use a lesson or two. Actually, he's a great guy but he doesn't have the bug like I do.

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