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October 18, 2012



Awwwww...Too cute!
Your Halloween Smalls look at home all together on your shelf.
I love looking at all your Holiday decorations:-)
Thanks for sharing!

Kim Kenward

Your 3-tiered shelf is the perfect spot for your sweet collection. I'm going to keep coming back to look these over and over.

Meri Wiley

You are the Queen of Halloween pretty lady! Your collection is drool-worthy.



Cute Halloween smalls! Love the kitty on top of the ribbon!! xo Heather


Treasures, you can say that again! I have been loving that TV commercial that's been on lately about "happier than a witch in a broom factory"!


Laurie, Just look at the legs on your spunhead witch with her hands on her hips. I'm telling you, it's all in the legs!
Speaking of witches, I have checked endlessly to see if your final witch spun head is still in your shop. I have two weeks for my budget to open up if it has not been spoken for, I would love to purchase her.
PS I disastrously tried to make your vintage black cat today and post about your decorating. I am especially looking for your umbrella post. So much inspiration to be found here! Elizabeth


It's an orange spectacular there on the 3 shelf display! Love your home made goodies and the vintage finds in a great mix together!


I love how you have them all displayed!! Awesome collection!!!


omg... such wonderful treats! I just love every single little thing!!! If I were at your house right now, I think you would need to check my bag on the way out the door! lol!
Happy Friday!

Sheryl Remy

How many years of searching do you think it took to gather all those treasures? I know that I add to my collections only occasionally and sometimes there are years between each find.


The spooky noises I'm hearing from the attic are coming from my Halloween collection, still not out! It seems to get louder every time I read one of your posts! Do you have more than one of those tiered tables? I know you use yours a lot; just didn't know if it was the same one. (Collection challenge: shelves???)


What a table full of eye candy! I love Halloween decorations and yours are fabulous. Even though I feel old because I had that clear Jack o Lantern candy container when I was little....



It's funny I was checking out my blog roll and saw the scarecrow you have up at the top of your arrangement here on her blog and she had just bought it for 50 dollars. Her blog is Tea Cup Lane and she is Sandy. I love all your sweet vintage looking Halloween figurines. Above too the Christmas items wow what can I say you are fortunate to find all these goodies still in such nice shape too. Nan


Love it all jumbled together on those trusty 3 tiered shelves of yours. That is my justification when I buy more... the little stuff only looks good if you have a LOT! :)


I love halloween trinkets! Do you have a collection of old halloween masks? I've been looking at some on ebay and there are some funny lookingo ones. :)

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