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October 04, 2012


Sheryl Remy

It is so true that you need to be original to have something that is unique to your work. This is what draws people to your booth/Etsy shop and builds a following for future shows. I believe that if you love what you do, it shows in your creation. Lastly, be generous with your attention to your customers and they will always remember you.


really good tips. i have toyed with doing something on etsy, but haven't found something i really love to make! i LOVE your shop. and i love how you use all the vintage to craft. I've been gathering supplies all year to make some ornaments for the exchange i participate in every year. i hope they will turn out cute!


Enjoyed the tips....No wonder you do so well :-) Maybe one of these days I'll start up on Etsy.Of course it would be so much more fun if I had a studio like yours.In the meantime....I'll just keep buying vintage stuff from you and Etsy!
I'll be checking out the other ladies blogs. Found some good ones through you.
P.S Darling snow people!

Kim Kenward

Great advice. Your photos really capture the unique vintage feel of your special items. Your packaging is extra special too.


Just wondering, do you think there are benefits to having two shops? Is it more work, so to speak? Thanks!


Great tips, and I agree with them all!! xo Heather

Mitzi Curi

I love your wonderful creations, Laurie! They are truly original and a great example of finding a niche. I also enjoy the view of your crafting area where you keep your magical supplies in an organized manner. I need to work on that a bit!

Thanks so much for participating in the "Tips" post. I know you have inspired many readers today, including me!


Great post! I think the fact that you love what you do shows in your work and that's what makes it extra special!


You know I love the things you make. I am thinking of selling on Etsy and may just have to use you as a resource. The tips from all of you have been great!


The care you take with your shop and your creations really shows! It's always inspiring.


The many people who look forward to the holidays because they get another Magpie Ethel creation is proof of your etsy success! I am now excited for Thanksgiving because of spun heads, not turkey :)


We are kindred spirits, Laurie, sharing more than just a name! I, too, love to craft and create with old stuff! Thank you for the tips!

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