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November 05, 2012


chris mckinley

This candle set is just darling!! Did you find this at an estate sale?



Terrific find. I don't think I've ever seen one in person ... definitely a fabulous addition to the Gurley lineup!


Here's a sweet one (but out of my price range!) http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Gurley-A-Night-Before-Christmas-Fireplace-Mantle-Set-Tavern-Candles-/290806110757?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item43b5651a25


I've never seen that Gurley either. Cute....I know with your "Magpie Ethel" magic, It'll be better than new!Have a great day :-)

Kim Kenward

Very sweet. I'm sure your magic will be spectacular.


I think I've seen the fireplace before but didn't know about the kids and dog. How cute. You found a real treasure. Lucky girl.


Boy Gurley leave it to you to uncover an unknown Christmas treat! :o)
I am sure your "magic" will bring it back to life.


Don't you love it when you find something to add to your collection that you didn't even know existed? I never would have passed up this set, even in the condition. It is too cute.



THis is awesome and I covet it! I collect Night Before stuff and this is to die for! Want my address?


A favorite...Night Before Christmas...I love it..the little boy stooping down and all. Found a little "Night before" today myself...smiles..Renee


I have no doubt Ethel will work her magic. A sweet little set, indeed!


Too cute!! I have never seen this before!! Can't wait to see you apply your magical touch! :) xo Heather

Lisa W.

What a great find ! You will make it even better .... I just know it !

Sheryl Remy

It's pretty special to find a new set of Gurley candles that you didn't know existed before, but to find a box too. I have never seen a box with any of the candles I have seen. Good eye.

Erica / Golden Egg Vintage

I've seen this before on Ebay!
It's darling! I'm happy for you that you were able to find something "new". I love that feeling! :)


That is ADORBS! Need to put that on my mental list...


HEY! I have this exact set which belonged to my grandmother-- she had quite a Gurley collection; I have some of it (yea!). This fireplace scene is one of my favorites. Would you believe I also have the box? I'm pretty sure it was purchased new in the 50s.

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