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November 27, 2012


Puddles & Price

What FUN! I just love your vintage glasses. My daughter has some and she, too, loves to wear them.
Thanks for fun pictures.
Sampson and Lorrie


Great collection you have.I didn't realize there were that many types out there. I've never seen the ones with chicken wire except for the ones you have. Love your chandelier! Amazing how things look when you gather them together huh?
Thanks for sharing :-)


Don't think I've ever seen so many bells in one place before (jingle bells too)!! How fun. Noticed the Gurley moon candle once again!


Love them all! And, I especially adore the chandeliers!! So creative! Sending Christmas Joy! xo Heather

Kim Kenward

Ohhh!! So festive! I really love your collection of striped bells. Your bell chandelier is so pretty in your studio. I'd definitely love to look at that year-round.


I really love vintage bells, especially this year for some reason. I'll be on the lookout for some. I only have a couple of the striped plastic ones so far. You have a wonderful collection!

chris mckinley

Such a sweet collection!!



Whoa, that's a lot of bells. My favorite photo would have to be the one with the bells hanging from the Hazel Atlas pink elephant ice bucket. Vintage ornaments & Hazel Atlas...two of my favorite things!

Maddie says to tell you hello:-)


Erica / Golden Egg Vintage

How on earth does someone come aross a bell made of chicken wire and glass beads ONE time in their life, let alone several times?????
You are something else! LOL
Your bell stash is wonderful! Thank you for showing us.
Erica :)


Wow, what a nice collection. I remember us having the foil bells when I was a kid. My mom always hung them in the windows, and I loved them! I don't know what ever happened to them :(


Maria (Magia Mia)

Be Still My Heart.....

I absolutely adore the old-fashioned liberty bells, which are so often featured prominently on old Christmas postcards. I've been on the hunt for very small red bells you could put on a tree ornament. They don't need to be old. I can only find silver, gold, or rusty ones, but not colored. I'd even be happy with plastic. I'm having a hell of a time finding some. Any suggestions? Where's an old Rodgers variety store when I need one?.....


I have never seen one of those chicket wire bells and don't know that I would have realized it started out that way. You find the most amazing things!
My ears are ringing....... 8+)


You always astound me with all your collections! It's so difficult to find good vintage junk in Southern Calif. and you always have such an abundance! So cool! karen...


Nope. Absolutely never seen a chicken wire bell before in my life and yet now I long for one. How is it that you all have such wonderfully crafty people up that way and here...plastic? Now my question is if you find them in the package do you ever take them out? Smiles..Renee

Into Vintage

Is 'holiday dangler' the official name for those things? I like it.

I've never come across a chicken wire bell but then again, I wasn't aware of spun heads until I came here so my education continues via Ethel's Vintage College. Tuition check is in the mail.

Sheryl Remy

All you need is a recording of Bob Hope singing "Silver Bells". He sang that song on each of his Christmas specials with a guest. A wonderful collection of bells. Sheryl

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I think these bells are something that no one can ever have too many of! I have a couple of those danglers that belonged to my grandparents, and I will treasure them forever!


I love those foil-covered bells, too. (and the danglers, and the chicken wire ones) I've been experimenting with making some of the foil covered ones ... hoping to have some time to post about it one of these days! Another amazing collection, of course!

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