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November 10, 2012


chris mckinely

Love the angel candle!! I have one and I just love putting it out!! Oh and the snowmen in the slippers...not bad, not bad at all!

Erica, GoldenEggVintage

Wow! There were some real little treasures in there. The tiny mercury Santa head, and the chandelier...I've never seen either of them! And thank heavens you found a couple more mica birds! LOL
Glad you had fun on your dig!
Erica :)

Kim Kenward

You found gold in all that digging! I'm completely smitten with those spun heads tucked into mica slippers and that little chandelier with tiny candles is just too too sweet!


Once again-- fun finds! You sure know how to dig! I have the same angel on the moon candle-- one of my faves! That little chandelier is too cool!


They say you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince and it is true of picking, as well!


"Spun heads" in "mica" slippers. Two words you adore! The little pinecone guy is adorable but I really love the santa pin with jingle feet. You did your Magpie thing again!


i love all the tiny stuff! i'm glad you dug around and found it. and i can't resist those kits. I just had to get the tree skirt. ahh!


I'd rather bring home a box of tiny treasures than a big thing any day. I love sorting through little stuff and filing it all away. Those button covers are great - I have been making feed sack covered buttons and dream of finding a hoard of them along my junking route. I think you had a good day!


What a great find. I have or had the angel candle since way back when. Oh and the covered buttons kits I just ordered last night two sizes on Etsy for dresses I'm making and needing them for. Lucky you finds them in a sale like this, amazing!!


What great little treasures!! I have an ironing board similar to that one!! Such fun goodies!! xo Heather


I resold that same furry cat pillow kit for $98

Those old Bucilla kits unopened are worth BIG money.

You may want to list the Humpty Dumpty ones on Ebay


Well worth the dig. Love all the littles. Saw those bucilla kits and nearly fainted...but my list of to do's is so long I have to wait...smiles..Renee


Ding! Ding! Ding! Sleigh bells ring, are you listenin'? In the lane, snow is glistenin'...err mica heads are glistenin'. Trying to control myself, I mentioned you in my last post, did you know I got to go to the OCTOBER AFTERNOON Warehouse salel!?


The harder you dig, the more you appreciate it! That tiny Santa and the chandelier are my favorites.

Sheryl Remy

I think you did great. Isn't the diversity of the old ornaments so fun to find. I can't wait to see how you decorate for Christmas this year with you wonderful finds.


So much good stuff! You always find the best but that's because you're willing to dig to get it. When I do that I invariably injure myself in some way.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Oh I can just picture that little chandelier tucked somewhere into your holiday decorations! I'm often scared to dig around in boxes at sales, especially if those boxes are in a basement. But if there's vintage stuff in there, it's always worth the danger!


Well I must say your digging really paid off!!! Such sweetness you found in those vintage Christmas items. Enjoy! Happy new week.


Alright Laurie! I checked the challenge list and didn't see ironing boards. You're holding out on us!
Lots of fun little items found this sale. Interesting every one! Elizabeth

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