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November 17, 2012



A show for two days and all the prep work and you have the energy to post pics? :-0 I had no idea you were selling a lot of your vintage finds too.We should have made the trek up there! My eyes are wide open....I'm going to have trouble sleeping now. Your booth matches you so well.You have such a great eye for displays.
Thanks for sharing!

Kim Kenward

The perfect way to start my Sunday morning...coffee in hand and your blog pics BLOWN up as much as I can make them!! You have the prettiest booth. I'm sure you were super duper busy selling all your precious wares. PS. Your package arrived yesterday. Thank you for tucking in a few more lantern lights. They are much loved!

Cindy Is Crafty

Wow, that is phenomenal! I cannot imagine packing all that up both before and after. Let's hope you went home a lot lighter than you left.

chris mckinely

Your booth looks great!! Love the kneehuggers all together!!!


Linda @ A La Carte

Oh shopping in your booth would be like Christmas Heaven! Hugs, Linda


Your booth looked wonderful, I wish I was there to shop! karen....


I didn't realize you sold your vintage things at these shows either. What a terrific mix of vintage and vintage crafts. It is all just wonderful! Your booth would make me so happy that I would probably sit in that little kids chair and never leave. :)


Your booth was FANTASTIC! It was fun visiting with you...hope the show was great for you

Hanna ~ Pyrex Thrifter Sisters

Oh man, I missed out! I can't wait to see what my sister picked up for me! Your booth is an absolute vintage wonderland!


I can't believe you had the energy left to post! It looks beautiful and I can see you did well because a lot of those things were gone by the time I saw your space on Saturday. Bravo! It was a beautiful booth and a really fun event.

Lisa W.

Oh ! How I wish I lived closer to you ! You created a sparkling wonderland . I hope that you sold a ton of stuff ( I am sure you did ! ) Wonderful job ! Thanks as always for sharing !

Into Vintage

I think this display was one of the best of yours that I've seen although all of them have so much eye candy -- it's quite dazzling to see it all in person. I imagine you had very little left to pack up at the end of the show. :-)

PS That caddy of kneehuggers cracks me up.


Missed you again. My friend said your booth looked fabulous but she didn't tell me how fabulous. Your pictures are wonderful. (How you found the energy after 2 full days???!!!).
I hate to think of what I missed.

Sandy McClay

OMG!!!! First thing I would have done at your booth was fainted! lol Then I would have spent hundreds of dollars and gone home! I so wish I could do this craft fair!!!!! Maybe next yer Meri and me will come up!


WOW!!!!! What a fabulous display! Customers must have thought they died and went to Christmas Heaven! Hope you didn't have to bring much home!!

Mitzi Curi

WOW and OMG! What else can I add that hasn't been said? I just love your displays, and I'm sure they were even more magical in "person"!


Stunning. I would have played all day in the booth. Everything so perfect...I am so glad you had a great show. Smiles..Renee

Sir Thrift-A-Lot

Yup - absolutely stunning. Such a fabulous display, the colours are amazing & wish I could have been there, but, I'm stuck in Ontario!


Amazing booth Laurie! You do such a good job with both the crafting and display. I so wish I lived there, would spend hours in your booth :)

Sheryl Remy

Amazing, that's my version of a little bit of heaven. I loved the pink feather wreath and I am so not a pink person. I so wish I lived close enough to go. But living in WI, it would be a huge road trip.

Mary Ann

Oh my. It would take all day to see all you had in that booth. But the first thing to jump out at me from your pictures was the Santa sled and deer on the second shelf in the fourth picture. It looks so much like one that my father had as a boy in the 1930s. My sister has it now, to hopefully display it for another 20-30 years.


What an amazing display! I would have been estatic to shop at your booth! :)

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I think that if I had been at that show, I would have stumbled over my own feet and probably knocked a few people down, in order to get to your booth as quickly as possible! Not only do you have a ton of great stuff, but NO ONE displays it all quite like you. Stunning!


Would I ever ever LOVE to come to one of your shows. I would pick out so much I'd have to pay extra for the flight home!!

Erica, GoldenEggVintage

It's just a Magic Wonderland of Christmas goodness! LOL
I didn't know that you sold so much of your vintage x-mas finds, at your show! What a wonderful combination! And now you have a little more room to hunt down more christmas over summer 2013!
Fun Fun!
Erica :)


It seemed like I had to scroll down forever to get to Post A Comment! Obviously every single Magpie Ethel follower had a comment, mostly of the "amazement" variety. Cuz you iz AMAZING!!! And I hope you made tons and tons of money!!!!


Wow, everything looks so beautiful all together. Such vintage prettiness!! Glad it was a fabulous time!! LOve it all and only wish I lived closer! xo Heather


OMG I am drooling over your booth!! Did those rolls of gift wrap sell? Gosh how I would love to have them!! And you got to meet up with Kathy...wahhhh, why couldn't I go?! Fun, fun, fun!!

Maria (Magia Mia)

Good God! Did the entrance into your booth have a warning for hearts weak for kitsch??? I don't know where I would've started first. Way too much kitschy goodness for my heart to take!

P.S. What was that roll with holly all over it? Some sort of wrap? I'm a sucker for vintage Christmas paper.


WONDERFUL! I see many things I would have purchased!!!! Love the vintage items mixed in!

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

Your booth looked adorable and I just love your creations. Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!


Makes me happy just to look at it all ... one more treat at the end of a nice Thanksgiving day (yes, that is how far behind I am in reading!) Hope you had a wonderful holiday.


Oh my word! If only all bloggers could have visited your booth- you would have had nothing left! too wonderful for words! ♥

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