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November 03, 2012


Kerstie Pederson

You find the best stuff! ;)


Laurie, you have such a good eye! I love the way they look hanging from the tree but you are right, they would be beautiful clustered from a corner on the bedroom ceiling as well.


Doesn't 3 of one thing officially make it "a collection"? I love the way they look in the trees.

Did you notice the way the price tag is attached? Were there people with a full-time job attaching these tags? They were very careful to bury the point of the pin. Seems like a lot of work on a dollar item.

Into Vintage

How funny that 'bees' were attached (although I prefer bees to flies) and I wonder if that was a design decision or to make sure customers knew what these were for. Either way, so stinkin' cute.


They are just precious. I don't think I could use them for their intended use as I would fear they would get food gorp on them. Love them hanging in the trees!!

chris mckinely

What a special find!! And in such good shape!!



You are so right - these were meant to be a light in a little girls room. VERY sweet.


How fun are those!I've never seen ones with bugs already attached to them LOL. I'm sure you're going to find some fun way to show them off.They look pretty hanging in your trees too!
Have a great weekend :-)


Oh my word...these are magical. Like something out of a movie. How come I only find the ugly avocado ones...They are perfectly at home in your home...smiles...Renee


I am smitten by them as well. And just for the record, I think they look swell swinging from the tree. Whimsical.

Lisa W.

Oh my gosh ......... those are THE cutest things ever !! I have never, ever seen them with the bees before. What a find ! Good for you Laurie and thanks for sharing !

Lisa W.

And there's a blue one with pink trim !!! Wow !


I'm smitten too. Great find!


I can see why you are smitten with them. they are quite delightful!
have fun with them


It's YOUR eye that puts a Magical twist on mundane everyday things. THANK YOU! That's why we come to visit your site ;))!!

Sheryl Remy

Let us know how you decide to use them.


These are just amazing!!!

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