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November 23, 2012



You have a delightful audience! have you started decorating for christmas yet? Im up to my ears in it... such a mess!
off to make some tea.. have a great weekend.

Kim Kenward

Any time I get a glimpse inside your studio, I'm a happy girl. Such a fun set of friends to share your special place.


I never get tired of seeing photos of your studio. That cranky little baby figure is the best! I'll bet she keeps you on task:-)

Off to decorate...


chris mckinely

Love your photos!! So many fun things to look at!! I'm glad someone else is a messy crafter!! At one time I thought about putting up a picture of my crafting room during creation...I realized I just could not show the world what it looked like!!



Lucky audience members! I would love to be one of them sitting in there watching you craft!
Thanks for making my morning again Laurie.So much fun to see your blog first thing in the morning to get me going :-)


Your studio is just a wonderland! I look forward to seeing it in person one of these days because I want to see how you manage to display all those collections it what appears to be a fairly small space. I have a small space and do good with the storage but always lament my lack of places to display the things my eyes just like to see.


Your little friends are so cute. I'm glad to know you are not out there all alone. You made me smile!!

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

And quite the cute audience that keeps you company. I spied some vintage spun doll heads in an antique shop yesterday. I thought of you. Happy creating Laurie!


What a sweet audience you have there! I am jealous. Loved the reindeer and snowman you sent me, they are finding a place on my window sill with like creations.

Mitzi Curi

Hi Laurie! I think this is the most charming post you've ever written! It really cheered me up today. So cute!


It's good to have pleasant coworkers! That's how I feel about my dog and the cats ... although your collection does not demand to be fed and walked and petted, I'm assuming.


What wonderful company to have while you are creating! Those characters would make me feel so cheerful!

Sheryl Remy

Do you ever wonder what they are doing when you are not there? One of my favorite cartoons as a child was the little toys decorating a Christmas tree. Sheryl

Into Vintage

It's nice to have some company while you work or someone to run ideas past. Overall, they look like a pretty friendly & helpful crowd. :-)


You definitely have the cutest studio audiences!! xo Heather

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