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December 11, 2012



I still have my stocking from when I was little. Someday it will be considered vintage and then I will have at least one!



Great collection of stockings!Cute background to show them off on.Of course it's from the queen of displays :-) Love the story of your personal stocking LOL.I can picture you doing that too!
How festive your house must be for the holidays.
Thanks for sharing!


So you waited until Santa had come by before you were naughty!!
Great story. I like the green stocking with Santa "snow boarding" to the chimney.


I have several old stockings too. My favorite are a pair of handmade felt ones that say FRANK and GERTIE. You just don't hear the name GERTIE often enough, now do you?

Kim Kenward

I'm smiling thinking of you sneaking into stockings and keeping the bells quiet. You have a super darling collection. I recently acquired a pair at an estate sale. Helen and Henry are written on the back of the felt stockings. It didn't seem right to leave them behind in the garage.


How neat you still have your stocking! I have mine too. My mom made it out of red corduroy with a white cuff, and no jingle bells!

Sheryl Remy

Are those coal marks on your stocking for peeking? I lived in a trailer until I was 13 yrs. The vintage cracker box on it's side style. No room for stockings. So I made sure to have them for my family. Ours are needlepointed with our names. WI is home to Lands End. I went to one of their warehouse sales and this group of ladies and I went through this mini cooper sized box of stocking already with names. Each of us looking out for each other's family names. The part was anything at the sale with names or initials was reduced another half.

Janet Johnson

Love 'em all!
I don't think I ever had a Christmas stocking growing up. Maybe because we didn't have a fireplace.


I love these - you have quite the variety! I'm amazed that there were so many styles. Now I need to get mine out!


I can never decide if I like the tiny ones better than the felted ones so I always go for both...this is a great collection and I love the names on all of them...smiles..Renee


That is so sweet that you still have your stocking and the memories to go with it!


What a cute collection of stockings! I love the ones that look like little socks! I honestly don't remember having a stocking as a kid. Maybe my parents didn't give me one, cause we didn't have a fireplace. Hummmm. :(


Love your collection! You have such a great variety. Those first ones are the best, I have never ran across those before. Another thing I also collect and one of my favorite Christmas collections. So, you not only opened your gifts up and retaped them you also rifled through your stocking?? And you seem so sweet! You know what they say, it's the nice ones you have to watch out for! :)


These are so sweet!!! I just adore the cute graphics! Now how do you display them for Christmas? Too fun! xo Heather

Erica / Golden Egg Vintage

I think this is my favorite collection of yours so far! I have maybe 8 or so, including the one with all of the Snowmen. But I'd love to have some that are simple and just say MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Thank you for showing us! :)


Congratulations on your Wonderland event. The booth was a showstopper! I love your stocking collection. Giggling at the brick background which reminds me of a fake fireplace my husband and I once had for Christmas. Have a great restful weekend! E


So neat - I found a vinyl stocking this year that is actually quite ugly!!

I have my very first stocking, personalized with my name!! My name was always hard to find, I guess my Mom had it printed.

chris mckinely

I have both my husband's and my own childhood stockings! In additon to the little plastic one my mom and dad had for our dogs! Love your collection!!


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