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December 18, 2012


Kim k.

They are delightfully fabulous . Love the darling yellow reindeer.

chris mckinely

These are so much fun! As a youngster we would go into the city, San Francisco and I would bring one home...they did not last long, they always seemed to burst...too much rough playing??and this was one thing my mom did not save!

Linda @ A La Carte

Laurie this is one of your collections that just make me SMILE!
Really fun and easy to store when deflated!
hugs, Linda

Sheryl Remy

Linda is right. These just make a person smile. I think the world can use something to smile about. Thanks.


I have never seen these and didn't even know that they existed! So cute. How do you plan on displaying them?

Merry Christmas!



Awwww.....thanks for making my morning with these cute blow ups!
I have a couple of them and a reindeer somewhere that won't stay inflated. They do nothing but bring a smile to your face :-)
Schools are closed here today from snow!!
Beautiful outside!
How about in your neck of the woods?


Much better than those big outdoor inflatables I see now! What I really remember about these were the seams, which seemed so heavy and obvious ... no idea why that's what I remember!


We do need something to smile about lately....these brought a big one! Thanks.


They are adorable! I hope you paced yourself with all that huffing and puffing. 8+)


These are so wonderful, especially that cute yellow deer! Merry Christmas! xo Heather

Janet Johnson

What a cute group. They all look brand new and each one is different. Great collection Tuesday.

Into Vintage

Is there no end to this collection challenge madness? :-) (I hope not!) This little collection is especially charming for some reason and I can safely say I've never seen an inflatable reindeer anywhere but here.


Wow! I've never seen anything like those before! What a cute collection!

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