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December 09, 2012


Kim Kenward

Holy Moly! Your booth is over-the-top amazing!! I'm sure you did super well. Christmas hugs. I imagine you are going to need a few days to recover from this show.

chris mckinely

WOW! Looks like you had a great spot at the show!! And that you almost ran out of reflectors, speaks to your talent!!



Those are the bells..The yellow ones on the far left in the first photo...I love how you glitter them. What an amazing show...I am so glad you had the chance to share your gorgeous crafts with others...and if I would have been there I would have nver left your booth...smiles..Renee


There is no doubt that Hanna, Maddie & I will be there next year! I am so happy that you had such an amazing show. It's nice to know how much your hard work is appreciated and to get to see others enjoy what you so lovingly create.



So that's where Wonderland is!
How nice to walk in and see all that.I can't believe you don't have any "Elves" helping you with all that!! I'm just speechless.
I can tell you absolutely love what you do. We're all lucky for that!
I also think you're the Energizer Bunny in disguise :-)
Thanks for sharing


18,000? OH MY GOSH! The show I did that got basically snowed/frozen out was projected to have 5,000 (it didn't because of the weather) and that blew us away. I can't even imagine expecting more than 3x that--and I can't imagine trying to make enough inventory to sell to that many people! No wonder you start in the middle of the summer!

Into Vintage

And yet you still had enough energy left to post about this ... you're amazing!! So happy to hear your selling season went out with a *bang*!


Wowzers! I am drooling! It is all so wonderful and cheerful and there is sooooo much stuff! You are amazing! karen....


Laurie, after wondering around that Crafty wonderland for a couple of hours, I have to say that your corner was, without a doublt, the most wonderlandful!


Wow, it all looks so amazing Laurie!! I could have spent all day there looking at all your pretty creations!! Absolutely stunning!! Glad it went fabulous! Get some rest!! ;) xo Heather

Sheryl Remy

Congratulations on a successful show. It's great being the first booth everyone sees. When the best is first nothing else will measure up.


18,000 - holy smoke! That is like America's largest Christmas Bazaar back in "the day" when it was handmade.
I hope you are getting plenty of well-deserved rest today!


Can you explain why it is so hard to access your Etsy site? Your listing on the side bar for what you make and what you find does not work. I have had to backtrack post by post to find the last time you referenced Etsy within a mid Nov. post to have a way to get there. Are you aware the sidebar is not linking up or am I doing something wrong??


Very nice!


You do an amazing job maintaining enough inventory for all of the shows you do ... hope you rest up and get decorating!

Erica, GoldenEggVintage

Oh wow! You must have cleared a ton of space in your house by now! You'll be all set for garage and estate sale season...ready to hunt for more!
Each piece you create is just darling!
Thank you for showing us,
Erica :)


I was there standing in line waiting for the doors to open Saturday morning. The line wrapped all the way around the convention center! Pure insanity. I was so glad I didn't have to search for your booth. All that glitter and sparkle met me right at the front door. My hubby came with me this time and for someone that grumbles about all my vintage crap I collect he sure enjoyed your booth! I was able to get one of your larger made over putz houses to add to my little Magpie village that is slowly growing :) Congrats on such a well job done!


The last week has been kinda odd, recovery isn't my specialty. I missed so many posts and would have surely gone to this show if I lived in PDX! Hope you didn't pack much up to bring home, it looks fabulous!

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