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December 20, 2012



just one word to describe it all...FABULOUS!!


Laurie, You are an absolute treasure to me! Your generosity in sharing your collections makes so many of us smile. Laughing here as I always think in my old age I can set up shop and sell all of my vintage things. Imagine your shop!!! Merry Christmas!!! Elizabeth

Kim Kenward

So darn magical. Your snowman collection is just fabulous and I love seeing all those Santa mugs peeking through your hutch. Can't wait to see more!

Janet Johnson

I recently purchased two little plastic snowman similiar to yours. (holding broom and tipping their hats) Mine are trimmed in black --yours in red. I love the red ones more. So, the search is on.
Fabulous collection. Always fun to see. Cheered me up on this cold, rainy morning.


As much as I love vintage Santas, I love vintage snowmen even more! What an adorable collection!!!


Wow-- for both yesterday and today. Ever think of contacting Schiffer books? They publish those reference books on collectibles. I think you have enough vintage for your own volume!

Erica / Golden Egg Vintage

This made me smile! Santa mugs and vintage snowmen...two things that I just adore! May both our collections GROW in 2013! LOL
Erica :)


Wow....What a great collection of Santa mugs! I've only seen 3 different styles.Your snowman collection looks awesome on top of your hutch. Thanks for the great ideas too!
Can't wait for your other snippets!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

It's been all about the Santas for me, but I think it's time to expand my horizons and start seeking out some snowmen! Just sitting here waiting for the rain to turn to snow, so seeing all of these guys is just perfect!


These are two great collections. Aren't you glad your snowmen don't melt!!??

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

That's the BEST Santa mug collection I've ever seen

Mitzi Curi

Thank you for sharing your Santa and Snowman collections with us. I'm just amazed....and I'm starting to wonder what kind of storage system you have???


Yay for snowmen! I love the bottle brush display. I keep eyeing that wide doorway between my living and dining room, wondering about the space above it .... hmmmm.

Into Vintage

It's because of you and your creations and collections that I now have a little snowman collection of my own! I think I have three (or is it 4?) of yours in my humble gathering. !Love! your snow people and all those Santa mugs!!

Brenda Latham

SO LOVE all your Christmas Collections!!

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