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December 21, 2012



Enjoying a cup of coffee and your blog :-) So it looks like every nook and cranny in your house must be decorated! What a cute letter to Santa.Brings back memories of my kids doing that (recently)and asking for carrots for the reindeer! I'm going to "borrow" your idea for hanging the stockings on the window.....Love that! I don't think I need to gush anymore on your decorating:-)I could go on and on.
Thanks for sharing your pics!

Sheryl Remy

After a major snow storm yesterday, I'm back at work and am just now seeing your snippets. What wonderful vintage loveliness. My favorite and it is so hard to choose is the canned ice. I love the snowman graphics.


Love those candy cones. My husband is from Germany and every year we stop at World Market to buy a few traditional German treats to send to my MIL for Christmas. I'm always Jonesing after the candy cones but he swears he doesn't remember those from his childhood. I know I don't recall ever seeing one when I was a child so always wonder about that tradition.

Kim Kenward

Ok. Now I'm convinced that I need to rescue more estate sale Christmas stockings so that I can create your happy vignette. Such darling Santas and your letter collection is very sweet. Foil cones...so festive. Your landing is just lovely. What a happy little spot.


So fun! Love those letters. I know I had a couple as a kid, but they're not around anymore :(


What a great way to display the Christmas stockings I love it and I spy my son's sock up there from 1962! He still has it at his home.


Oh my Fred Meyer Santa letter! TOO COOL for school! I am officially jealous... Another memory of PDX, we were instantly FM shoppers because there were no Target stores like we had in MN when we arrive in 79!

Janet Johnson

The stocking hung window is so charming. Any info on the foil cones?


Love those cute stockings are vintage letters to Santa!!

chris mckinley

Love the stockings over the window....a new idea for next year.




Lisa W.

I just love it all - from the cones to those adorable letters to Santa ! Such a great idea to frame them.... thanks for sharing !!

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