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December 22, 2012



Whoa, I should have put on my sunglasses before I read this post! When my aunt had her vintage clothing & housewares store, it was in an old house built in the 40's. At Christmas, she decorated all of the entryways like you did with the garland and ornaments. I had forgotten about this until I read your post. Thanks for the memories:-)



I love the way you do the archways and you KNOW I love that birdie tree!

Chris Little

I was thinking just last night about decorating the doorway in my living room next christmas, and you post the perfect idea. How is the garland hung?
Chris =]

chris mckinely

It's just lovely!!



Love the special trees. One question, after seeing all this so far....how long does it take you to put it all together?


OMG! :-)


love all your decorating for the holidays, wish i had your energy and ideas.


WOW! I'm going to have to come up with a new exclamation for your pictures!


Love that corner of bling too! I like how you laid tulle down for your ornaments. Looks like they're on a pink cloud.Is the white garland with the ornaments in the same place as last year? Just wondering.....I remember seeing it and loving it! Esp with the white garland. Makes the colors pop! I have a couple of those candelabras or whatever they're called with the candles and the small colored ornaments.
Thanks for sharing and will be waiting for the other snippets :-)

Renee Yancy

I have recently found your blog and I enjoy it so much! I read through your massive list of collections and there are 3 I didn't see. One is "motto's" - those little framed sayings and poems. Number 2 is tiny religious books. And number 3 is - don't be offended - vintage condom packets. A few years ago I saw an article in a magazine about a lady who collects them. The graphics are quite interesting, as you can imagine, and I have been on the lookout for them ever since but alas, I have never found any.

Renee Yancy

I forgot to say "Show me your collections of mottos, tiny religious books, and vintage condom packets!"


So pretty!! My favorite is the tree with all those wonderful bells!

Maria (Magia Mia)

Your home is the Discovery Zone for
Vintage Addicts.......:)

Love those bells!


LOve it all and am drooling with envy! Now how did you get that white garland up with the ornaments hanging in the doorway? I wanted to do this this year but could not come up with a clever way without putting holes all over the newly painted trim work! Love love love all of it! Merry Christmas!


Holy indented Shiny Brite! I remember the bells from last year; ding dong, ding dong Christmas bells are ringing! So much fun to see them all together!

Sheryl Remy

I have always mixed my ornaments on my trees but yours are so lovely with each tree dedicated to a collection. I could spend hours just examining them to see each and every item.


Laurie, I got white garlands after Christmas and now in my new home I have the perfect spot to hang them between the living room and the sunroom. How did you secure the ends to the walls?

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