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December 13, 2012



Incredible & adorable! You would never know such a thing ever existed but for actually finding it in the first place. You're right, a cold treat in the middle of winter?
You have the most amazing stuff! always fun to learn something new. Thanks.

Sheryl Remy

I would never guessed that such a thing was marketed. I think they are wonderful. Any indication of their year of distribution?


these are awesome. They remind me of the actual ice cream christmas trees you can (could?) buy. Little green novelty things. I tried googling, but no luck. Do you know what I am talking about? I think I will see if you can still buy them here.

chris mckinley

What terrific find!! Pretty darn cute!!



LOL! Not odd at all if you are former Alaskans and eat ice cream all year long as we are and do! Love the trees-great graphics!


The santa on the package looks familiar but I've never seen those before. I think they are so cute just by themseves..making a small forest. Your spun head gals will love them.


Isn't that something else? I've never seen or heard about those. Aren't you lucky to have found them? The instructions crack me up too....candles in those things along with serve in a darkened room? Too funny! They would make wonderful trees for your spunhead gals :-) Vintage graphics on everything was just way too cool than what's out there now.
Thanks for sharing.
Have a great weekend!


These are so neat!!! I love that you do find these, because then I get to see them!! ;) xo Heather

Kim Kenward

How wonderfully fantastic! Of COURSE they were waiting to come to your home.

Erica / Golden Egg Vintage

Oh my gosh! These were destined to find you! Are you going to use your magic on them, or keep them as is? That would be a hard one to decide!
Too Cute!
Erica :)


These are so perfect for your crafting!
Maybe they were for Christmas in Florida??


I love these and also wonder how on earth you found them - you must have had some specific keywords and I'm sure you didn't use ice cream!! BTW, I have 3 really interesting felt "things" I'd love for you to look at to see if you have any idea what they were used for but I can't get email to go to you from the link...so, if you'd respond to this I could then send you a picture of what I have ~ I think you are the only one out in blogland that has seen it all when it comes to Christmas so you HAVE to know what these are (please!!) thanks- keep it coming - love everything!


Those are cool~ice cream cool :) Never seen them before. I bought a box of tree decorations that were small bags of styrofoam balls. (no idea how they actually stay on the tree branches??)I bought it because the box had great graphics but it never ceases to amaze me the crazy stuff they made back in the day all in the name of Christmas.


Oh, I think those would be easy to find. All you'd have to do is search for "vintage frozen christmas tree ice cream wrapper thingies." Nothing to it. (They're quite sweet.)

Lisa W.

WOW ! I just love these ! Good for you Laurie !

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Magpie Ethel: Ice Cream Trees

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