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December 28, 2012



Well, I was out of town and missed the vote, but I would have voted to OPEN! I am awful about Sarprises. You did a wonderful job on the dissection and putting back together of your angel. If I was a kid opening that I would of been a little disappointed in those lame toys.


I meant to ask you before, how big is that little angel? Kind of odd toys to have in a Christmas angel ornament. Maybe that's why they called it a "Sarprise" ornament LOL.I felt a tinge of guilt voting for you to open her too but if she were mine, I would've opened her up sooner or later.The suspense would've been too much for me. You did a good job in reconstucting her! Thanks for sharing the pics.


Great job on the surgery! Hmmm... I would guess the three metal pieces go together somehow; do the "fans" fit over or balance on the rod? It reminds me of those Christmas candle carousels...

Into Vintage

After seeing this, I think I'd like to change my vote... I guess the sarprise is on us! At first glance I thought that nail trick was a bandaid. Thanks for ending the suspense. I thought for sure you were going to find a diamond ring. :-)


curiousity satisfied.. if you ever find another.. I wouldnt bother taking her apart! Im glad you could put her back together, she is still a wonderful little angel girl and I bet she feels better after having such odd foreign objects removed from her belly! LOL!
happy new year!

Kim K.

Your surgery skills are masterful. Fantastic job taking her apart and putting her back together. That certainly wasn't filled with amazing treasures, but half the fun was the anticipation. Happy Saturday!

chris mckinely

So glad you opened it! And you put it back together just perfectly!! I guess I was hoping for a bigger surprise.....oh well still fun!



I've been sitting nervously in the Crepe Paper Hospital waiting room waiting for the surgeon to come out and report ... thank heavens! (Although if I'd known about the head removal going in, I'm not sure I'd have consented. I just didn't think about the necessity of that.) I was going to guess tops on those metal pieces until you said they didn't spin ... so I will have to think some more.


If you ever decide to give up crafting, maybe you could get a job as a surgeon! I figured the sarprises would not contain the Hope Diamond but thought they would be more Christmasy or girlie. Kinda weird, and I have no idea what those metal things are. How many kids were disappointed by these, I wonder??

shirley hatfield

I remember when I lived in Germany that chocolate Kinder Eggs had real fun toy "sarprises" inside...I still have a metal toy soldier. My kids would get one in their Christmas stockings. Now I hear that Kinder Eggs are not allowed in the US because their contents could "constitute a choking hazard." Even Cracker Jack toys are sucky...turn off gripe mode...lol!


Well dangit, I was really hoping for a litter of spun head babies! It seems like those metal things must fit together to make something but no idea what. I agree there were probably some disappointed kids when they opened those up. I think I would have liked all the paper streamers better than the toys!


Maybe the reason I couldn't remember what was in these balls was because the prizes were just not that memorable. I thought the toys were going to be similar to vintage Crackerjack prizes. Perhaps the balls I used to get (no heads, just colorful crepe spheres) contained better prizes, or maybe the fun I remember was more about the process of unwrapping.

In any event, this was great fun, and you did a fabulous job on the surgery.


Great surgery. Not such great sarprises. I bet if we were kids we could figure out the metal things. I remember opening those
"sarprise" balls as a kid and the fun was the unwrapping....not the contents. But you always hoped for better next time :>)


Whew! Sarprise ball surgery is nervewracking! Good job!
heehee! karen...

Cindy Is Crafty

Remember that plastic gun think that fired the circle with the proepller inside that flew into th air? I think it is a similar deal, but metal. Does the propeller fit onto the one that looks like a thumbtack? I think the other might launch it, but not certain.

Debbie from Texas

Glad your angel made it through the "surgery"! I am glad that you opened it.....the curiosity would have gotten to me, too! I haven't the faintest idea what those metal things are.....I will ask my husband.

Meri Wiley

I'm so sorry I missed the vote, but goodness sake, I would have torn into it before I got home. Thank goodness there are wonderful crafters like you in the world that have patience. Maybe that's why I don't find as many goodies out here......I'm too impatient. I would have had that poor little angel bleeding and beheaded and not bothered to put her back together!


Maureen Kuppe

Okay, I just thought of something.... Could the metal pieces be parts you would add to the head AFTER opening the ball? Kids would never be so precise as you opening it, so I am thinking that the metal parts would be added to the head to make an ornament to hang on a tree after the ball was ripped apart. ???

Chris Little

She looks pretty good for having her insides removed and replaced. You can't tell that she was opened.
Barbara's remark about the crepe paper hospital had me laughing...
Chris =]

Lisa W.

Well Doctor ..... the operation was a success ! Good job putting her back together again too. The prizes were to be expected ... not too exciting .... but at least you got to find out what they were. I have no idea what the metal things are ... although they do look a bit familiar. Hmmmmmmm.........

Linda @ A La Carte

It was great fun to see how she was made and the 'surprises' inside! No idea about the metal 'thingys' I think you put her back together quite well. Hugs, Linda


I gotta say you made the right choice, and the pictures of the process are excellent. I love the colourful bit of streamer and the variety of trinkets inside. Can't wait for illumination on the spinny metal do-dad.


I hadn't come back yet to look at the sarprises, but i was thinking about you and the angel over the holidays.
I was holding my breath reading the surgery post.. oh oh so much crepe to be put back together later... hope it's worth it... what could it be..
Why was i thinking cute plastic charms? A nail trick and unidentified metal thingies? Hm. It was exciting while it lasted. And a big thank you for unveiling the mystery for us.

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