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December 27, 2012



Open it! Just take pictures as you go along to remember how it all went together.


Let her rip!!! Show us all the "sarprises" she contains. Why....it could be anything!!! :o)




Open it!!


OPEN IT, LAURIE!!! I have faith that you will be able to put her back together and make it look like she was never touched.

Do it. Now.


Gina @ VintageJunkinMyTrunk

If anyone can put her back together again, you can. And probably even better than the original. Do it!

Linda @ A La Carte

Oh Laurie OPEN it! I don't know how you can resist!!



Open it and share it with us!

Into Vintage

Open it! I bet you have the hands of a surgeon when using an exact-o knife and I know you can do about a thousand crafty things with the remaining pieces if/once you take it apart. Have I convinced you? :-)


I would definitely have to open it and see what's inside!!

shirley hatfield

It's sooooo hard...but I say "DO NOT OPEN IT!!!!" Leave the magic intact! I know I am out-voted, but if you leave the treasures inside...they will always be a world of possibilties! Like the wooden crate labeled "Fragile"...it could contain anything!

Melissa's Antiques

Open it! I know you can put her back together and make her pretty again!

Hanna ~ Pyrex Thrifter Sisters

I can't believe you have the patience to ask us first! Open it please!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Open it! If anyone can put her back together, it's you!


It's so great to see one of these again. I say unwrap it, because I'm dying to see what's in there. When I was little, I loved getting these as birthday party favors but I can't remember what was actually in them.

A few years ago my daughter and I had great fun making a bunch of these for Christmas favors. I hope that after you deconstruct your angel, I will get to see some amazing Magpie Ethel "Sarprise Ball" reproductions.


Well, because it is you, I might say open it. You probably could put her back together better than new! Keep us posted!

chris mckinley

I say open it!! And post the photos of the unveiling!!



Ditto, ditto, ditto!


OPEN! Who knows what kind of a "Saprise" you will find! What FUN!


ugggghhh...I can't stand it...it has survived this long intact...and yet... ;)

Erica / Golden Egg Vintage

oh my gosh! What a perfect gift for you! I agree with everyone else. Open it, and then work your magic!
Erica :)


oh you have to open it! and document it for the blog! i KNOW you can put her back together. and if it was me, i would be DYING to know what was in there!!


Open it and take photos :)

I make suprise balls as gifts all the time..I had no idea the idea was such an old one.


Michelle K.

Ooooh, I was thinking also that you could use an exacto knife and cut a hole in the bottom... Can't wait to see what your treasures will be!!! And what a sweetheart that Amy is!!!


open!!!! have fun...


Open, open, open! (Pleeaaase)


O. P. E. N.

of course!


Me chanting... open it.... open it.... open it!!
Hurry please.


oh my gosh the suspense would kill me I'd have to open it :)


Go for it!


Oh yes - open it!


Open it! I want to see the sarprise! I love sarprises! Does that sarprise anyone who knows me? Are you tired of me saying sarprise?? LOL!

Sheryl Remy

I vote for you to open the angel up carefully.

Debbie from Texas

Open and let us know what is inside, please!

Leslie J

Open says me!


I know you'll go with the majority, but I make a plea to leave the angel unopened and put her in your cabinet of curiosities. The trinket inside can't be nearly as wonderful as the angel is. Ask yourself if you really need another what's-a-ma-jig that could be inside. Your cup runneth over. Leave this sweet girl be.


Yes, Of course, you MUST find out what is in there....and show us!


I think i am with beth here, and surprised by it. lol


Hmmmmm......I would be like you, it would drive me nuts to not open it to see what's in there! If it were mine I would carefully open it.I know I've peeked at stuff I had before :-)You will show us right? Wink, wink.
I feel bad egging you on.....But DO IT! You know you want to!!!
Funny ad for the x-ray goggles BTW !

Kim K.

We're all on pins and needles waiting for the BIG reveal!

twinkle beverages

Oh my goodness! Open it. If anyone could fix it, it would be you. Happy New Year Laurie.

Chris Little

I have to go against the majority and say DON'T open it!! Since you have the original package with the misspelled label don't mess with the original wrapping of the angel. That's easy for me to say since she's not living at my house driving me crazy wondering what is inside.
Chris =]


I want to say open it like everyone else has said but a part of me says do t do it just use the imagation

Janet Johnson

I know you can peel the label off the bottom and cut a hole just big enough for the diamond ring (or other sarprise) to slip out. A bit of glue and the little doll will still look perfect. I would suggest slipping a small jingle inside before replacing the label.

She really is a very sweet angel. I kinda like knowing she has a secret.

It's your decision. If you don't open it, you will not be disappointed.

Sandy McClay



Oh! Please open her up! The suspense is building!!!

Lisa W.

I think that she is VERY unusual ( I have never seen one) and in such mint condition that I vote.... do not open. I do have a "thing" about mint condition items however - so I may not be the best person to ask. I have never opened any of my minty surprise balls .... just the beat up ones.

Robin Carr

of course open her up! She is begging you!


I vote open it. If you do, you must show us the surprise!


open open open!!! we want to see whats inside!

Kimberly Budash


Lisa P

Leaving her secrets intact makes her special. Once you open her, she will be like all the rest.


Oh please I'm begging you..OPEN IT!


There is just something forlorn about about the little angel waiting all this time to be part of the Christmas action. I say ... open her up very carefully... and let her secret be just between the two of you.


Since you already took her out of the package, and I know you have the skill to put her back together (unlike all the Kings' horses and all the Kings' men), I will vote OPEN that little angel and she what she has waiting to sarprise you!


Laurie, I was just thinking the other day that I hoped you would make New Years Spun Heads. They are wonderful! I definitely vote for more of those!!!!


Oh that's a tough one. I see most of the comments are to open it. And i am too very curious to know what is in it. I have never seen such a christmas figure before with hidden toys inside (what a lovely gift from Amy btw), but i for one can't even take items out of there original vintage packaging if they are still in it.
Ok, open it. Even if it's only for preservation of knowledge. ;)

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