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January 05, 2013


Kim K.

Happy Birthday, Laurie! I hope you are spoiled silly today!


Happy Birthday!


Going shopping or maybe a sale or two hopefully?
Glad you like him! Knew he had to go to you and be with his other friends LOL.
Have a wonderful day!!


Happy Birthday Dear Laurie! I wish you a day full of joy and fun and whatever you desire!!!!
As you say, Happy Day!



Happy Birthday! Thank you for all the enjoyable time spent reading your blog. Hope you have a great weekend. ~Donna


Well Happy Birthday!

Keep trying, maybe you can catch up to me. ( I think I may have stopped having one each year.)


Happy Birthday Laurie! I hope you get to spend it doing anything your heart desires!

Linda @ A La Carte

Happy Birthday Laurie! What a cute gift! Enjoy your day!

hugs, Linda


Happy Birthday...I came over at just the right day to visit you! So glad I did not miss your day! Make sure you enjoy every moment of it. Love love collecting vintage cards...that's my new thing. xoxo


Happy Birthday Laurie! Hope your day is filled with vintage treasures!

Leslie J

Happy Happy Birthday!!


Happy Birthday, Laurie! My birthday wish for you is a year full of love, good health, and of course vintage treasures!


Maureen Kuppe

Oh Happy, Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day - and remember, we're not old, we're VINTAGE!!!!


Happy Birthday Laurie! I hope all you dreams come true today.


Rhonda C.

Happy 49th Birthday?!! Right? I added up the numbers on the cards!! Hope you have a happy, happy celebration of you!


My Shabby Roses

Happy Birthday Laurie! I hope you have a great day. I need to catch up with you sometime, I've got some spun heads in the car with your name on it. Bob actually found them and said, "Wouldn't Laurie like these." (o: He cracks me up!....Anyway, have a great day!


Happy Birthday to the vintage collector extraordinaire! I am so pleased to have discovered your blog, and am having great fun reading your archives.

I would love to be 49 again!

Janet Johnson

Happy Birthday, Laurie. Hope you're doing something fun today. Eat a big piece of cake for me.


Have a wonderful day~and a wonderful year! It is always fun to "visit" you. Many wishes for happy days ahead!

Maria (Magia Mia)

Happy Happy Birthday, to the Queen of Quirky Kitsch!.........from a fellow member of the Vintage Januarians...:)

Have a awesome, carb-filled day!

chris mckinely

Happy Birthday!! What a sweet present!


shirley hatfield

Happy Birthday, cute Laurie! I like to imagine you blowing out the candles on a vintage Barbie cake! Amazing! What a good blow...you got them all! =D

Shelley Germann

My goodness so many birthday wishes! What a lucky lady to have so many admiring well-wishers. Very deserved, for sure! Let me add myself to the list. I hope you have a very Happy Birthday! Although I will say it was quite devious to make us do math!


Happy Birthday!
Thanks for making every day a little brighter just by being you!!!!


Happy 49th birthday Laurie! whisper whisper I'm almost ten years older than you, you whippersnapper and my old brain had a hard time tallying all of those cards hahahaha!

What an adorable gift from your dear friend, so very cute.

Wishing you a day filled with all the people and things you love!


happy birthday to you! i hope you have a great day. and i love that little rattle guy!


my husbands birthday is today too! Happy birthday to you!

birdie blue

happiest of birthday wishes to you. i'm hoping you have a day filled with extra-sparkly fun. you deserve it!



Happy, happy birthday!!!
I hope you are having a great day!
I spent the entire day at an auction, you would have enjoyed it. Next time you come to the midwest we will have to meet up and go to an auction-we may not have the estate sales you have up there but a day at an auction is a fun way to spend the day.


Happy Birthday!! Wishes you a beautiful and happy day!! xo Heather


Happy Birthday Laurie!!
Chris =]


Happy Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great day!


Happy Birthday! I hope it was a joyous one!


Happy Belated Birthday Laurie! I feel one should feel special on their birthday, like a princess. It's your day, you make it what you want it to be. Hope you celebrated like a princess.

Into Vintage

Happy Birthday, Ethel!! Isn't every year older a milestone? Hope you had a wonderful & happy day! xo

Lisa W.

That's funny ... I added them up and came up with 39 ! I think that number sounds about right ! I hope that you had a very happy, fun filled day !!


well isnt that just like me to miss the party! Happy Belated Birthday miss magpie! I hope you had a most delight filled day!
how ever old you are!

Sheryl Remy

Happy Belated Birthday. Did you get out your vintage party decorations? The hats, noise makers and candles? I hope that each and every day forward is better than the last.


Laurie, Please add my wishes to all of your admiring friends. I count myself among them! I hope your special day was wonderful! Elizabeth

Erica / Golden Egg Vintage

Happy Birthday To YOU! The rattle is a treasure, and so are you and your blog. We are all so lucky that you share your vintage adventures with us!
Enjoy this day :)


Happy Birthday sweet lady!! I found something and I thought of you! Several pairs of vintage eyeglasses! Some of them still in their original case! Would you like them? If you do, let me know!
Lynn from Life on the Wienee Ranch


Happy belated birthday to you Laurie! Hope it was fabulous!



Happy Birthday!!!


Happy Belated Birthday! Sorry I missed the actual day. Hope it was a good one!

Crystal Sloane

Dang it I missed it!! Happy Happy Birthday! I hope it was an awesome one and I hope this is the best year yet! :)

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