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January 08, 2013



Amazing collection!! Okay I have to ask and maybe you can give us a peek. With me and my OCD organization how do you store all of these decorations. I am sure they all have to be indivdually wrapped etc. but wow you must be amazing at it.

Janet Johnson

Great collection. I'll have to look for some with the "wiggle picture" eyes. I've never seen those before.


That is quite a collection. I never saw Mrs. Claus or Santa pitchers. I have one mini Santa mug, given to me be my third grade teacher. Everyone in the class got one; I wonder how many of us kept it? And it is sort of ironic as this was one of everyone's not too well like teachers!


Oh! Pea green with envy over here. This is one of my favorites of yours, what a wonderful collection. I think I need a (mini) collection of my own. Wuh oh. ;)

Happy happy week to you!


i love santa mugs! i think i founds about 15 this year. they look so great all displayed together.


Amazing collection you have! I had no idea that there were that many different ones. Of course you must have them all here in Oregon!
Love those pitchers too. I see the mugs here and there but never the pitchers.Those are darling ones too.Thanks for sharing.
Back to Christmas away for me still....I don't have the energy you have LOL.Can't believe you did a photo shoot before putting them away even!!


Just was shopping with a friend who bought a variation on the winking-eye Santa - the winking-eye Santa stacking cream pitcher and sugar bowl - something new for you to look for!


Wow, who would have thought there were so many Santa Claus mugs, cups and containers? You must have a terrific memory, or do you refer to your blog photos to check to see which ones you have before buying more? And yes, what a sign of the times indeed about using them as cigarette holders! Yikes! Candy canes are much better ;)

Into Vintage

Another one of my favorites in your collection of collections!

And gross ... nothing says Christmas like a smoldering cigarette in a Santa mug. That certainly was a sign of the times!

chris mckinley

Another great collection!! Love the diferent facial expressions!


Denise Marie

I have gotten about 3 of them thrifting. My mom luvs Santa! Never seen pitchers or vases.

Kim K.

That really is one vast collection. So many different expressions. So much fun. I've never seen a Mrs. Claus mug until your blog. Leave it to you to find so many varieties.



You are Santatized!! Amazing variety you have found. I still have my mug from childhood. He is really beautiful and I have never seen one like him. He is packed away for this year but I'll try to remember to send you a picture!


What a wonderful and sweet collection!! I adore all the winking eye ones!! xo Heather


I don't even know how you could keep track of what you have so you don't buy a duplicate. You have a much better memory than I! (eye?) 8+) I cracked up at the lazy eye Santa.

Lisa W.

Well, I just love this collection ! My mom had santa mugs and a matching punch bowl so they bring back fond memories ! I had not realized there were so many different kinds. Thanks for sharing Laurie and I hope that your birthday was fun !

Sheryl Remy

That's a lot of cups of hot chocolate. As they say variety is the spice of life.


those are so cute! I love all the vintage snowmen on top of the cabinet too. I am partial to snowmen, I don't why, I just love them! Please email me your address so I can mail those vintage eye glasses to you. Of course I do not want anything in exchange for them. I found them in a box lot of goodies we purchased at an auction. Have a great week!


EAK! Santa must love milk and cookies at you house! Such fun! Thanks for sharing! E

Jacqueline Jaggers

Now that is a happy big collection! Hello out there in blog world! I come to you from Nan's blog! I'm Jacqueline from Washington and I blog on Jacquelines-land.blogspot.com. I blog on cute stuff just like you. Hope you have time to come for a visit and YES all of your mug shots with glasses made me smile!
I love gnomes, dogs, dolls, storybook homes, I sell vintage toys and I love crafts and blogging and pinterest...there you have it and more!

Erica / Golden Egg Vintage

Swooning over this collection!!!!
I was able to add quite a few this year too. My favorite being one that another blogger gave me. It was homemade! I'll have to post about it soon. THANK YOU so much for showing us your beautiful collection! It motivates me to find more! hahaha
Erica :)

Janet Johnson

I found a jewel eye Santa mug today (my first ever) at a junk store. I bought it and thought of you.
Hope you're having a happy day.

Crystal Sloane

Wowie! You could write a collectors book with just your collection and just Santa mugs!! I want most of them please. :)

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