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January 01, 2013



Happy New Year, Laurie. This is one collection I share with you. I love these old guys and have a box of them stashed. found many of them at GW in Longview in the 80's for 25 cents each. :>)


I can almost hear the noisemakers.I might need them later to wake the kids up :-)They do have great graphics on them. I have some of those too but I never seem to get them out in time for New Years. I still have Christmas to put away! You just gave me an idea though....I'll put some in a bowl and out on my kitchen counter on my cake plate.....Thanks for your inspirations and ideas!
Happy 2013 :-)


Happy New Year Laurie! Your post before this was so wonderful! What fun to decorate with your collections. And holy sarprise popper! Imagine being on that factory floor! How on earth did they ever get all that into such a little space! Fabulous! Thanks for all you have shared with us this past year. Elizabeth

Maureen Kuppe

Happy New Year! I must say, after reading your posts, I have really come to appreciate the details in the vintage items I look at now; I think many people don't SEE all the wonderful graphics that were created with such skill. Something that is sorely lacking in many newer things I fear. Thank you for sharing your love of the past!

Linda Ruthie

Whoopeeee... Happy New Year!!!
Best wishes for all the best in 2013.


Happy New Year, Laurie! I think a few people in my neighbrohood must have gotten hold of those last night - LOL!


Happy New Year Miss Oregon! I remember the boat parade on the river; my husband worked at the Thunderbird on the Quary: Maxi's restaurant. We loved the lights on the boats and put them on the ship in our Dept. 56 Village. Happy New Year!

Sheryl Remy

Happy New Year and to many more.


After reading ALL your Collection posts, (what a great way to relax with a cup of tea over the holidays!), I wanted to add my two requests for upcoming collection challenge features: I know you did Halloween black cats, but how about just Cats / Kittens? The other thing I was wondering if you had more of (after seeing this great advertisement display), how about any other store displays or ads? Thanks again for the fun reads!

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