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January 15, 2013



How funny! Never saw a child's cap with a character on it! I wonder who dreamed that up?! When us kids were required to wear swim caps at the local community pool, us girls HATED it!


Thank you for starting my crazy long day with a few laughs!

Stay warm!



Ha! Love the modelling photos Laurie! You are a riot. My but those caps bring back memories of impaired hearing, snagged hair and the smell of rubber.... ah youth. The only accessory missing is the nose clip on that long rubber band. Yes, I WAS a sight to see at the pool alright. ;P


OMG I love that you modeled some of them!

Into Vintage

You're such a hoot! And how lovely that you've accessorized each hat so nicely with coordinating sunglasses.
Looking forward to inviting myself to your future beach house once the kids have graduated. ;-)

Janet Johnson

Those are so lovely. I can't imagine why they went out of fashion. I can't believe you wrestled into so many to take pictures. Thanks for the laughs, Laurie.

chris mckinley

You have gotta love the child's swim cap with the character added to it!! I just love this collection!



My hair roots are hurting just thinking about putting all of those on and off. I think you need to start collecting wig heads to model them so you don't injure yourself. You sure do look cute as a button, though!


You made my morning today! I didn't have time to leave a comment. I can picture you in one of those synchronized swimming shows :-) The Patriotic post makes you look like you're in the Olympics or something! Had fun looking at the Punch swim cap video again.Those are some really neat looking caps. The ones with the curly bangs crack me up. Of course you'd just have to pull your bangs out to have that!
Thanks for the smiles today :-)

My Shabby Roses

You and your caps made me smile.
There were some real whoppers out there!
Fun post.


You crack me up!! You are quite the MODEL!! Love the multicolor floral. Went back and watched the video again and the ladies in the audience were a bit droll. They need to look at your blog!


You are a hoot and a half. Thank you for starting my day with a smile!

Sheryl Remy

Wow the collection has grown by leaps and bounds. Great smile starter to my day Laurie. Thanks


Too cute you are!! Love all the sweet swim caps. Such a variety! xo Heather

Kim Kenward

I'm so glad I didn't miss this post. You are a darling model. Your collection is over-the-top fantastic. My mother needs to see this post. Smiles all around!

Mitzi Curi

OMG, one of my favorite posts of yours! So glad you modeled many of them. That makes it so fun! Also, loved the cap with the bunny!

Your Niece

lookin good!

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