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January 22, 2013



Now who woulda thunk you would have a swan collection too! hee! hee! Where do you store all your wonderful collections?

chris mckinley

You're right...the handmade swan from a bleach bottle is too much!!! Love this collection, especially the trio of swans....great colors!!



Took me a bit to think straight...I got your swans confused with your stork collection LOL. What a great collection! They look good with the mushroom display too. Love your big plastic one...bet that is pretty with the lights in it. The bleach bottle one is a hoot.
Thanks for sharing!


Love them all together in the cabinet; what a great display for Valentine's as they are so LOVELY!

Janet Johnson

Love the swans with the white pottery, mossy rocks and honeycomb mushrooms. You outdid yourself, girl!

Kim Kenward

The swan display with the honeycomb mushrooms is just so darn romantic. I'm completely smitten with those honeycombs too.


I love the way they look paired with the honeycomb mushrooms. Such sweet, muted colors. Beautiful!


Cute collection. That rubber one with the giant eye and those awesome straws are my favorites. The vintage plastic ones would be great at a romantic vintage wedding.

Sheryl Remy

I love the easy elegance of your cabinet display. The long graceful necks of the swans and the green for color. The honeycomb mushrooms are something I had not seen before. They add just the right touch.


Very fun collection! I have a small Occupied Japan swan that was my mom's. And I, too, bought a plastic swan planter at an estate sale last year. Looks just like yours!


What is it about swans??? I am so loving your sweet collection...that swan planter melts my heart...I think my grandma use to have one like that.
Thanks for your encouraging words about my book! Happy weekend to you.

Renee Yancy

MagpieEthyl: I have found 2 items that combine your love of storks AND honeycomb paper. I would love to send them to you. Is there an adress I can send them to?

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