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January 29, 2013


anna dustin

jenny holiday sent me. I've sent her "weird crap you don't see every day" over the years. I'm totally Wilma Flintstone and don't even have a camera but...Show Me Your Collection of donkey carts. I only have 5 because I'm so darn picky.


Maddie collects the little pigs too. I found her several at an antique mall in Washington last Summer for a dollar apiece. Instant collection! I would love to find a Meier & Frank one for her. She would have no idea but it would be a good memory for me...

Enjoy your week!



Into Vintage

I just took a look see what number collection you're up to -- almost halfway to 200!! Keep those pig snouts coming, Ethel :-)

PS Sweetheart 'little pig' sausages? Too funny.


What a fun collection!I had a couple of piggy banks with advertisement on them but they were sitting up.I like the little box with the Sweetheart on it.....It looks so cute with the pig in the middle!
Thanks for sharing :-)

shirley hatfield

Pig snouts and sausages! You made me snort Diet Coke! I'm still laughing! =D


I recall finding an ad in the back of some magazine where you could write in and ask for a free little bank like this. I remember my Dad thinking it was such a waste of a stamp because they wouldn't really send me one and how surprised he was when my little package came in the mail. I wonder what ever happened to that little guy....


Love da pigs. Especially the M&F!

Kim Kenward

Another fun collection!


My son has a few of these old banks in his pig collection. He started picking up pigs when he was very little and I really thought he would outgrow them. But, he's still going strong on collection pigs. I try to keep him keyed on vintage ones or really unique ones - no Dollar Store Made in China hand painted crooked eye pigs. I love that Sweetheart sausage box - great for Valentine's day!


Oh my, you are sooo winning the pig race!! Look at that rainbow of pigs! I am hog wild about them all. My sad collection is still stuck at 3 but I am now inspired to find more!

Sheryl Remy

The green and white pig reminds me of Walt Disney. This little pig's shape is very similar to one from the Three Little Pigs cartoon. I think the pig that built his house of bricks.


I can't believe you found all of those adoreable piggie banks!! My dream is to come to the west coast someday and go estate saling with you!!
I think someone should start a business of getting together groups of bloggers to go visit another blogger!! Would that not be an awesome chartered bus trip?? The poor bus driver would never be the same as I am sure we would map out all of the antique stores, thrift stores,and flea markets on our journey to visit a blog friend!!

I would love to see your collection of vintage eye glasses!! I am packing up all the goodies that I have found for some special blog friends, so your package should arrive by Sat or Mon! Going to the PO in the morning as today it is raining and calling for severe thunderstorms and high winds until tomorrow morning!


opps, please disregard the request to show your vintage eye glasses collection! I saw it on the sidebar as I published the above post!
Have a wonderful week!


Too cute! I have never seen these before... glad none got broken into for the cash ;) Oh and that last photo is priceless!


Cute collection! Disco savings?? Doesn't sound too reliable!


Laurie, I will never ever complain again about having to move about the very small amount of holiday things I own. What a fascinating look at you organize all of your treasures so that you know what you have and where to find it. I don't know why I thought it was kept in your craft area! LOL! It wouldn't all fit! Wonderful as always!
PS OMG was I fabulously surprised at how large my Spun Head Miss is. You are a treasure! E

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