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January 11, 2013


Into Vintage

I have yet to see a toilet snake in the real world ... don't you have enough of these now to qualify as a collection?


i love those school pictures!
one of my favorite estate companies gave me a tip for the bid box. you may already have figured it out. lets say there is something you really want but would rather get it on half off day. just put in a bid of a little bit more than it would be if it was half off (for example i wanted some scrapbooks that would have been 20 half off, so i just bid 21 dollars). they go through the bid box first on the last day to see if they can get more than half one things, and it has really worked for me!


I can't wait to find out what you won in the bid. I have never done that and it must have been pretty special for you to bid!


Pretty good finds for slim pickings!
Funny how you've found 3 pink snakes up there where you are. I can't wait to see what you're going to do with the two you just found.
I can't wait to see your post on what made your day!!
Thanks for sharing :-)

chris mckinely

Such fun finds!! Can't wait to see the contents of the "bid box"!!


Kim k.

Can't wait to see your mystery box items. Love those photos and am anxious to see valentine goodies. Cheers!


I love how you see the potential in unusual items. Who would have thought that a toilet snake would make an amazing tree base for an aluminum tree? Can't wait to see what you do with the other two.

Have an awesome weekend. It is cooooooold here and completely frozen. So pretty out but I wish we had snow.



I can't believe that they ever had pink snakes and that you are finding them. I love the school pictures and can't wait to see what you do with them. Hopefully they will make their way to Etsy.
We don't have bid boxes at estate sales here. Then again we don't have the cool stuff to bid on that you do there in the first place.
I can't wait to see what made your day because
I think that bar is pretty high. :o)


You now have a collection of pink snakes....who would have thought.
Those pictures are unique and I know you will find a good use for all of them. congrats on the bid box...looking forward to seeing what you got.


Wonder what the bid win was! What a great stash of molds!


I am so curious! What amazing item/items did you win with the bid box? Love your finds....you lucky girl!


Ooh, a sarprise! I LOVE Sarprises! First, what you won in your bid box and second what you will make with those fab old school pics! Also, I have a really old tree I bought off of ebay that has a rotting base. If you don't find a use for all those great pink snakes I would gladly buy one off of you.

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