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January 19, 2013



So glad you got some goodies today. Love those seals.I don't think anyone would judge you on that glitter :-)
The angel with the pigtails is darling! I've never seen a shower cap in that style either. Those are such a crack up. I remember my mom using the bouffant ones to cover her beehive and teased hairdo LOL.
Thanks for sharing
Have a great weekend!


That shower cap is a hoot! Looks like some Medieval knight's garb or something. Never saw one like that. You always find such interesting things! I'm just amazed that you find estate sales this time of year!


I have never, ever seen a Mothball tin anywhere but on your blog. Oddly enough, I think I am in love with them now. But, I honestly, don't know why! :) I'm glad you found some goodies this morning after all. I am itching for a sale of any type.

Kim Kenward

Love all the Dennison stickers. I'm always amazed when you can find them unopened too. What a fantastic shower cap! Chris hit an estate sale yesterday while I was with Josie at Chinese School. Nothing vintage but he came home with hockey helmets for our backyard ice rink.

chris mckinely

Good for you! I went to two estate sales and boy were they awful! The first one was the second day of the sale, and nothing! The organizer told me they had 150 plus people in line when they took sign ups the first day, CRAZY!! The second one, nothing left on the third day, and what was left was so expensive! Love your finds!



A Cleopatra shower cap, Wow! That's a new one!

Maureen Kuppe

Ha! That shower cap is too great! Love how they tried to find any way to "change it up" from the norm.... You must have had to have very short hair for that one to do any good! Love the crayons and stickers. So glad to see your collections growing!

Linda @ A La Carte

Glitter and seals are always a great find! Now that shower cap, that is a hoot!!! Hugs, Linda


Great finds, especially the Dennison. This bird is never early enough to get that worm! Love the shower cap, too. I do use them occasionally and have never seen that style before. I'm guessing it wasn't very popular....8+)


I don't know how you can remember that your don't have a certain sticker or jingle bell in your collection!! You found good stuff but the shower cap is TO DIE FOR!!! I've not seen anything close to one like that. And she showers in full makeup!


Laurie, please know that I will never, ever judge you for buying more glitter. Just sayin'... :)

Sheryl Remy

All your treasures are great. That shower cap is a real stand out. I was stuck at home the entire weekend. But on Friday I got to a church sale. I found beaded fruit. A twin set of very large turkey candles and a turkey planter.

The Junk Drunk

What a great blog and a wonderful post. We've been passing the winter with a little Armchair Junking:

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