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January 16, 2013



LOVE IT! I'm sure you did too if you made a bid on it. How thrilled you must have been to get that phone call.I've never seen anything like that before.I'm sure you'll put your Magpie Ethel spin to it....although it looks nice as it is. Hopefully you're going to post some pics of your redo :-)
Have a great day!

chris mckinley

Smart girl to bid on this one!! I've never seen one either...the colors are the BEST!



That is one great and unusual find. So glad you bid and won! The look of it is just so perfect!
And it's a space saver....two for one!!

Sheryl Remy

It's both practical and beautiful. I too have never seen a chair/hamper combo. Good call.


I have never seen one like this and what a great idea to do double-duty. If it doesn't work out for your new bathroom, it would be equally at home in a bedroom. High five!

Linda @ A La Carte

Oh wow! I haven't seen one like that either and I love it!! Good for you and your bid!!



New one to me too! Very cool!


now isn't that clever?

Into Vintage

I've never seen one of these either -- great score, Ethel!


Awesome! Wow, never even heard of something like this before... very cool. Can't wait to see what you do with it! Congrats!

Kim Kenward

How fun! It definitely needed to come to your home.


Love it! I got a cream Redman hamper with a jadeite green lid at a thrift store which I love but I have never seen a seat/hamper like that. I am glad you got it. I especially can't wait to see your bathroom redo. I am counting on it to inspire me. :o)


I live in MI and have never seen anything like this either -way cool,


Wow! That is so very cool. Never saw anything like it before. I know it will be a really nice addition to your bathroom.


I LOVE this just as it is now. Does it have a manufacturer's name somewhere on it where you could try to research it? Have never seen anything like this. Fantastic prize indeed!


I recently found your blog, and love it. I have only one complaint. I know...who said complaints were allowed?

As I read other reader's posts, I have similar questions. However, I do not see any responses from you. Am I missing something? Is there a private response page?

You are quite the character! Thanks.

laurie magpie ethel

Thanks for the comment. I will try and be better about answering some questions in the comment section. I always answer all the comments that I get via email..less time consuming then doing it via my blog and nice to develop relationships that way with readers.

Questions on the hamper - No makers mark.

Lisa W.

I have never , EVER seen one ! It's wonderful ! Good for you Laurie ...


wow! that is great! i've never seen anything like that! i can't wait to see how it fits in your bathroom redo!


Ive never seen one either. that is really cool. congrats! I think I would change the fabric too just to give it a little pizazz! but it certainly is adorable the way it is!
happy day!


Oh! That is just too cute! I love it! karen...


Wow! That is very cool. I have never seen one like that before. I love the color.
Thanks for sharing your estate sale finds. I love seeing what you bought!

Shelley Germann

What an awesome chair. Never seen one like it. Makes me think I could take a stab at a look-a-like, if I get the ambition. I'm still taking a stab at those 3-d stars you bought some time ago. Actually made one...that looks NOTHING like the ones you have. Oh well...back to the drawing board!

Mary B.

I have been to a LOT of antique stores and have never seen that chair. It is so great. It will add lots of character to your "new" bathroom. You did it again!!!
Mary B.

Mitzi Curi

What a great find....I love it too, and would have nabbed it for myself if that sale was in my hometown!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Hi Laurie! Just catching up with you, and boy did I miss alot. That hamper chair is SO unique, and I'm so glad you got it! And the swim cap post? Well let me just say that it put a humungous smile on my face! My Mom had to have more surgery and the last few weeks have been rough, so that was just what I needed to see today. You're AWESOME!!!


Laurie, You have made my year, and it's still only January! Your swim cap edition is the most wonderful post ever! And this chair, my grandmother had this very chair in pink in her beautifully tiled pink and black bathroom. Oh my gosh, the memories you have given me with all your finds! Fabulous! E

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