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January 26, 2013



Ah Ha...A well organized hoarder like me! LOL.....Just kidding!You just gave me some good ideas.We have things in our rafters in the garage,our attic is full of big trees,Christmas,Easter,Halloween and misc.A closet underneath our stairwell is full of bins and containers for Christmas and every nook and cranny in the house is full of stuff and some things are stored in Michael's closet now....Your storage looks beautiful to me!:-)

Mary Ann

It may not be pretty, but I am insanely jealous of anyone who has an attic, basement, and/or a garage, since I have none of those. Therefore, if it doesn't fit in my current designated storage area, I don't get to have it. So unfair. lol

Kim Kenward

I totally understand making the most of your space for holiday treasures. I love yet another peak into your home. Thanks for sharing.

chris mckinely

I'm impressed! It doesn't matter if it looks good as long as you know where everything is!


Mitzi Curi

I think I was one of the readers that asked, so I want to thank you for the views of your storage spaces! I'm very impressed, and I agree: one can never have enough storage!


Laurie, this is a great post. I, too, have a small house and always had to be creative on using the space wisely. I even use the space under the beds, which isn't ideal, but it works. My husband has agreed to help clean out our attic in the Spring and I am SO looking forward to organizing that space to better use it.

Linda @ A La Carte

Laurie I have lots of bins like you do. Holiday bins make it so easy to decorate. I need more shelves as right now I have to stack and unstack my bins. hugs, Linda


I am in the midst of making my holiday decorations more accessible. They are all in organized totes, so that is step one. I have five sets of industrial shelving to assemble then the totes will go on there. I have a lot of holiday stuff, but even more flea market items to be priced and sold at different times of the year. We don't have basements in Arkansas, so I am always envious of people that do - pretty or not.


My attic looks like yours Laurie, but I do know where most everything is. In the house I grew up in, you could walk around, and stand up in the attic! It was Huge! But my mom didn't have a lot up there back then. I had things organized in my basement, and hubby reaaranged everything when we had a storm last fall. He put everything UP on tables, and made huge piles!! It's a mess now, but at least it's dry. Hope you don't get water down there.


Into Vintage

That Santa strapped to the ceiling gave me a laugh. This is like a behind-the-scenes peek at a photo shoot only MUCH more organized!

Erica, GoldenEggVintage

WHEN did you say you are having your Estate Sale, and letting us "shop" your basement? I think I missed that post! Haaa!
It really does look nice and organized. Great Job!


A house filled with sweet treasures!!! So glad they have all made a home with you! ;) xo Heather


Awesomely organized Laurie! I have plastic bins for our holiday decor as well, just in case we get water in the basement come Spring. I always thought attics would get too hot for storage; here we have such extremes of cold and heat (minus 40 to plus 30C) nothing would survive in our attics!


Great storage! I love that you even hang things in those buckets, brilliant! Thanks for sharing! karen....

Shelley Germann

Amazing how you utilize every inch of space on those shelves. I guess in your parts it doesn't get too hot in the attic? I don't think that would work here. Too extreme hot and cold in Iowa! I'd be scared!


This is a morbid comment I realize BUT I will say it anyways...

I would love to go to an Estate Sale at your house :)


Glad to see you are human! No Martha Stewart organization for you, just normal people organizition. You must have a good memory and one nice hubby too!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Yes, it's definitely not pretty, this business of storage! I was just telling a Flickr friend how I've taken over our coat closet downstairs with all of my holiday decorations. Every inch counts, doesn't it? Great post, Laurie!

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