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February 19, 2013


chris mckinley

I love this collection! I am a sucker for vintage garden concrete! Once while shopping at the Alameda Point Flea Market, I saw a Snow White and Seven Drawf concrete garden ornaments! As you can imagine way, way out of the price range. Over the years I have seen a few singles, but still too expensive...maybe some day I will find a set.



Oh too cute! My favorite are the deer in your yard.

I love to bring out my deck decor once the snow is gone... I have to wait about two months yet! It mostly consists of turtles in a variety of poses and sizes. Your collection, as always, makes me smile.


Oh Laurie! What a wonderful collection you have! I don't think there's anything you don't have, is there??? I'm wondering what's on your list to find?
I saw a trio of antique concrete gnomes at our Long Beach Antique and Collectible Show a couple of years ago and not buying them has haunted me ever since. The vendor wanted $140 and I had no idea what to counter with and was overwhelmed. WAH! I just about dream of them. So cute.

So glad I was able to get one of your St. Patty Irish lassies yesterday! (especially since I remembered the wrong day! what a dodo head I am - I was thinking you said Tuesday. DUH. Anyway, it all worked out and I'm so excited.)

Happy Tuesday!


Laurie! Finally someone who loves Yard Art and is not afaid to admit it! I can't tell you how much I covet a pair of Dutch Kissers in a woman's yard I know must be in her 80's. And Tacky Deer! Oh how I wish! My neighbors have made it quite clear there is to be no yard art brought into our court. (PS they don't know about my 80's goose in the back yard!) LOVE a this post! Happy Day, Laurie


We had beautiful sunny weather down this way too in the high 60's almost 70 all weekend and this morning we woke up to it snowing!! Looking at your concrete yard decorations is making me want to pull out mine now.We put them all away in the shed until Spring.I remember your post on Bluebell being your fave! Love your kissing couple, Kewpie and your big deer that gets decorated. How fun is that! You know I love elves but that one is sort of giving you a once over huh? LOL. She's just keeping an eye on your studio!
Thanks for sharing and making it feel more like Spring.


This is my favorite collection so far. The little pixie is adorable. All the figures have something special about them. I can telll they were carefully chosen. Also like the new display shelf in your last post. Cute!


If that little pixie guard gives me the evil eye I'm going to get that boy to sweet-talk her for me. Looks to me like he doesn't even have to give away his flowers to steal a kiss! 8+)


Love it, what a different collection to show us.

How do you keep Pam from borrowing them all? Kewpie my favorite!


I love that baby so much! Were you reading my blog back when my big concrete rabbit got stolen? I was devastated! But, I put a big STOLEN sign on my mailbox and he miraculously reappeared a couple days later. He's still one of my favorites. I have a concrete poodle too. He's not really my style, but I had to rescue him at a sale one day. There's a house not to far from me that has a life size concrete cow in their yard!

Maria in Long Beach, CA

Girl, you are crazy...and I love it! Are you married? My hubby would go crazy...or maybe that's the idea :o)
Love ALL your collections

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