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February 11, 2013



Hmm... When I first saw them, I though of Easter eggs, but they do look sort of turnip-y.


cute! i like the idea of them as flames! on the top of some cute christmas candle creation


I am amazed when you find something you haven't seen before!!! It must be rare if you don't already have one. :o)
I can't wait to see what you do with them.


I think if you put a leafy green stem on the top it would look just like some kind of vegetable ... awfully cute!


I have some Christmas spun heads....snowmen and Santas, one pumpkin head and the rest are like angels attached to a body. I have yet to find a spun head girl like what you have a zillion of! These turnips are darling! I was thinking if they were flames, they might have some yellow in them? Wouldn't that be fun if they had some vegetable ones out there? Those spun heads seem to gravitate towards you that's for sure!
Thanks for sharing :-)


I think they might be radishes?? I know You will make into something "spunning"!

one gal's trash

Radishes! They would be adorable vegetable girls...I'll take one!

Lisa W.

In a word .... MEGACUTE !!!I cannot think of what they were used for ( or part of. ) They look like radishes - is there a hole underneath ? Could they have gone on the end of a stick, as the topper for an indoor plant stake ? You know .... a plant from a florist ... in the 50's .... maybe. I am reaching here. Glad you found them anyway !!


What fun to find something you haven't seen before for your collection! I can remember seeing some vegetable people (and kicking myself eternally for not buying them!) but I seem to recall them being green??? I agree, these seem to be of the radish turnip clan. :)

Can't wait to see how you use them!

Erica, GoldenEggVintage

Yes, some kind of little veggie people would be super cute! I see turnips when I look at them. Green bump chenielle arms would be so good with them! Uh Oh...I'm crafting in my head!
So glad that you found these!
Erica :)

Sheryl Remy

Another super find for your creative genius to turn into something spectacular.

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