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February 06, 2013



I bet your neighbors love looking at your house since it's so festive looking with your seasonal decorating :-)I enjoy decorating our front window area too. Great idea with the honeycomb bells! Looks pretty.....I always get great ideas from you.
Can't wait for your Valentine Post!
Thanks for sharing

Into Vintage

What would you do without estate sales? That's an interesting question and I don't think I want to know ... without them we probably would have never met. And I would know a LOT less about about (not to mention the existence of) all the little vintage doodads you come across. Moth ball cans come to mind...

Erica / Golden Egg Vintage

Oh my gosh! This is so creative! I love the color combo, and that it's bells instead of balls!
Great Job You!
Erica :)

Kim Kenward

Love that topiary! So very pretty and it makes a lovely statement without being too fussy to put together. You could even do the same thing at Eater time threading egg shaped honeycombs on top of each other. You always find the best stuff!


the topiarys look great!
looking forward to drooling over the rest of your valentine decorations!

Sheryl Remy

I love this idea. If you turned the bells upside down and arranged them smallest to largest in the urns, it would look like a tulip arrangement later.


Fun window decor! Isn't it nice to see some color from outside this time of year? Another neat box too-- think it found a good home ;)


Such a cute and creative idea. Are the bells vintage? The colors are so vibrant! Every time I find red vintage red honeycombs, the colors are pretty faded.

Can't wait to see the rest!



Awesome Laurie! Such a great display... love the red and pink bells together. I found a bag of vintage and new honeycomb bells and hearts at the thrift store the other day. They are red, white and black. I think I'll use the hearts in a Valentines Day banner. Thanks to you for the inspiration! Oh, and the newest box in your collection is too cute!


You without estate sales? Earth without water. Portland without wierd. Elvis without music. Interesting thought...what would you do???


Beautiful and I just love the bells!! So pretty! xo Heather


I want to live across the street from you!! Always a happy window to see.


I love that you decorate your window for each holiday. I am sure the neighbors do, too. You are like Peacock Lane!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

If there were no estate sales, I would never know that there were vintage valentine card boxes out there. And you wouldn't have been able to make that lovely display in your front window. Hurray for estate sales!!!

Lisa W.

Love, Love, Love your display ! A very appropriate emotion for Valentines day !


Laurie, I loved your post on Valentine boxes. I had no idea they came that way in the years past. Your window looks like one you would expect to see in a favorite candy shop. Wonderful! Have a lovely weekend. E


You have the best stuff! Love your Valentine window!

Happy Valentines Day to you!

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