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March 14, 2013


Chris McKinley

You are one talented lady! Love your Easter creations! My least favorite Easter candy.... Peeps


Oh Laurie! What lucky gals we are to read about your fun collections and see the estate sale goodies. My least favorite Easter candy...black jelly beans...yuk! 'Used to give 'em to Grandpa when I was little.


My least favorite easter candy is black jelly beans - yuck! But my dad likes them so I alwasy gave them to him. I still do,but now I mail them to him.:)
CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS on your double 1000!!
Chris =]


Congratulations on 1000 sales, that is an awesome accomplishment!! Wow, that is a LOT of crafting. Just imagine all the smiles you have sent out into the world.
My least favorite Easter candy is Cadbury Creme Eggs. Just thinking about that gritting white stuff inside them makes my teeth hurt.


I really never sign up for giveaways since I have enough stuff. But to win some of YOUR stuff, well that would be the very best!!!!!

My least favorite Easter Candy (which I don't think is made anymore) is those Hide and Seek eggs - they are hard shelled with a marshmallow-y inside. They re bright colors and take like cough syrup. Having said that, it just wasn't an egg hunt without them when I was a kid.

I gooeed them and they so still make them. Ick. http://www.candywarehouse.com/occasions/easter-candy/easter-candy-bulk/products/brachs-bunny-basket-marshmallow-easter-eggs-24-piece-bag/


Black jelly beans are my least favorite Easter candy and I also used to hunt them out for my dad.

It's a bright spot in the day when I see a post on your blog and I treasure my Magpie Ethels! Smiles are guaranteed.


1000...what a great number to celebrate- congrats!!! I HATE those cheap, hollow chocolate Easter bunnies that taste like plastic- yucky!

valarie kraft

What an amazing accomplishment!! I dislike jelly beans...I think they are disgusting. .the texture..ewww!!
Xxoo valarie


Happy 1000, Laurie! I really, really love reading your blog. It's a happy little corner of the Internet. :D
Least favorites? Toss-up between Peeps (ick! too sweet!) and Cadbury's creme eggs (that yucky gooey filling!)


I love your Easter creations and would swoon to win one. :o) I hate those large hard shelled bright colored Easter eggs with the marshmallow center. I never knew it was suppose to be marshmallow until I read the comment already posted. I love marshmallow but those things are gross!


I'll take everyone's black jelly beans (my all-time favorites!!) and give them those NASTY PEEPS! I think the best use for them is to either watch them explode in the microwave or have races with them in the toilet ;-) !!

Kim Kenward

Happy 1000+! Many many congratulations on your milestone. Love your Easter creations! Heck...what holiday don't I love! My least favorite Easter candy are the creme eggs with the filling.


Happy 1000+!!! Isn't that crazy?!? You have provided a lot of fun for all of us over time.
My least favorite Easter candy are the new fangled flavors of jelly beans. Sour, real fruit, Starburst...yuck! Give me the good ole originals (minus black, green and yellow!) and I'll be happy. Oh and those awful hard shell stale marshmallow centered eggs that were individually wrapped and intended for egg hunts and not to be consumed by any living creature-YUCK!
Congrats again!


Congratulations on your milestones Laurie!!! Wow! I know I may get a lot of flak for this one... but I can't eat Peeps. Just looking at them makes me feel queasy. I think I must have had way too many when I was young to have developed my aversion to them now. Terrible, eh? ;)

I think I'll stick to dark chocolate.

Your giveaway is amazing!!! I am heading over to your Etsy shop now to look around...

Happy Day To You Too!

Hope G

Gosh, I never met a sweet I didn't like, but maybe Jordan Almonds? Thanks for the giveaway.


A giveaway from Magpie Ethel!!! How exciting!!! I love all Easter candy and all candy in general but my least favorite are the Hide and Seek eggs. Candy coated, sorta, kinda marshmallow eggs...


Oh my gosh, I knew instantly what I was going to say and then I saw your comment about Whopper Eggs! My least favorite is also Whoppers, although when I was a child in the 80s I think they were just Whoppers, not eggs. I ate WAY too many in one sitting after getting some in my Easter basket one year...and needless to say, they did not sit well and I ended up being very sick off them later. I still can't look at Whopper without being nauseated!! Yuck!

Bea Robinson

1000! 1000! 1000! What a great milestone:-) love your collections and crafts! My least favorite Easter candy is cheap milk chocolate bunnies!! Yuck is all I can say!

Lorri Lay

Wow! Congratulations on the milestones! Love your blog and your creations. My least favorite would have to be peeps. Happy Easter to you!


Congratulations Laurie!!
Over 1,000 posts now and 1,000 sales! I've poured over every one of your posts since I've discovered you and enjoyed every one :-)
My least fave Easter candy are probably any of the chocolate eggs that have gooey stuff in the middle and I would have to say the Peeps. They're cute but to look at though. I've used them to decorate with and my daughter likes them....I think they're just too sweet or something.
Your blog is soooo much fun :-)
Have a great day!

Judy L

Congratulations on over 1,000 posts and 1,000 sales! That's quite the accomplishment. I love reading your blog and seeing all the goodies you find at estate sales and seeing all the things you create with them. I always marvel at how you decorate your house for the holidays. Your house is always so festive and whimsical.
My least favorite Easter candy is jelly beans.

Judy A

I can't even imagine owning one of your crafts!I have always admired your collections!I HATE the bright colored marshmallow?Eggs too.But they must be included in the candy basket just the same.Congratulations!! -Judy A-

Amy Powers

I really don't like those big yucky jellybeans.

Once when I was little, I dumped out my Easter basket and found a mysterious peso at the bottom of my basket. After that, the first thing I always did each Easter was dump the entire, beautifully-arranged contents to search for a secret treasure from the Easter Bunny. (The peso turned out to be the one and only secret surprise)

Linda B

Easy question! Peeps.


Congratulations, Laurie. 1000 !!!
WOW Oh, how I would love to win your giveaway. Please put my name in the hat with Peeps.
Happy Day to YOU!


Congrats on your thousands-huge accomplishments there!!

I loathe Cadbury Eggs-the ones with the lovely chocolate and the nasty centers-ugh!


My least favorite Easter candy is Peeps. I love marshmallows, but crystal-sugar coated marshmallows, ugh.

Janet Johnson

Congrats on 1032! Wow, that is really something. Thank you so much. I've enjoyed them all!
Jelly beans are my least favorite (except the black ones -- I love those). I don't like cheap chocolate bunnies, either.
Keep up the good work, gal. You make my day.


I love almost every type of Easter candy, but you would never see me eating a Reese peanut butter cup or egg. A close second is the Cadbury egg. Funny how so many people seem to dislike jelly beans. I could eat them all day and for that reason, I didn't buy any this year! Have a great weekend, Laurie!



Thank you! Your blog brightens my morning! Cute as they are, I just don't like Peeps.
Happy day :)


Over 1000 what a truly sweet compliment to a very creative lady!
Not a fan of those hide and seek eggs, they were hard shelled with a white inside. Mom used to hide them in the house from the Easter Bunny for us kids. I think the only reason she used them was because dad did not like them and would stay out of them. Happy Spring!!


1000 ... wow! Your crafting, treasure hunting success and sense of humor have been a delight. Thanks for the inspiration you've given me through your dedication to vintage everything. I look at all my treasures a little differently because of you.
My least favorite easter candy is the hard egg with the marshmallowy type center. They are just too sicky sweet for me.

Caroline James

I think my least fav candy has to be the melon flavored jelly beans

Jenn Bontrager

What a fun giveaway! Congratulations on 1000 posts that is amazing! Okay my least favorite Easter candy is either Cadbury eggs (the fake yolk inside grosses me out). Or Peeps. Just not a fan of the marshmallow stuff.

birdie blue

congratulations on 1000 posts, well done, you!

my least favorite candy...
cadbury eggs.

odd, i know. everyone else around here, LOVES them.

thank you for the chance, my friend.


Congrats on your milestones! Well done! I was going to say I would starve before I would eat black jelly beans, but there seem to be a lot of us out there. What about spiced jelly beans? Do they even make those anymore?? Hope not!

Melissa's Antiques

Congrats on the milestones!

My favorite easter candy are those crispy chocolate bunnies :)


My least favorite Easter candy is peeps.I think they are cute but don't like how they taste.
Happy spring! ginny


Congrats! I always enjoy your posts, collections, treasures and creations. :)

I dont' like those Cadbury eggs that look like they have a yolk inside. I know people love them but ick. Oh and I'm not much for Peeps. Do we even know what they are made of??


I have no least favorites...really..I love them all...peeps, jelly beans..anything enrobed in chocolate..devine!
Congrates on the 1000 posts..I think I have read them all!


Congratulations Laurie! How exciting to be over 1000! My least favorite Easter candy would have to be orange and yellow jellybeans. Yuck! Bring on the black and red ones! Of course nothing is better than chocolate...Please count me in for the lucky draw!

twinkle beverages

Well look at you! Congratulations to you Lovely Laurie. I am sooo proud.

My least favorite Easter candy....Brach's hide and seek eggs.


I really don't like Robin's eggs. I always feel disappointed that they aren't a Cadbury mini-egg.

Getting out my Easter decor--including Magpie Ethel pieces--this weekend!

Anita T.

I really dislike Peeps marshmellow chicks. Really.


Oh a giveaway from you! I couldn't imagine anything much better than that. My least favorite Easter candy is are Jelly Beans, yuck!

Congrats on the 1000!


Laurie, what a fabulous bunch of easter treats! I would love to win!
lets see, my least favorite easter candy has to be black jelly beans! or cadbury eggs... probably cadbury eggs, because I would eat a black jelly bean before I would eat a cadbury egg! LOL!!
have a great weekend!


This is fun, I have to go with the hard shelled marshmellow filled eggs that are brightly colored, don't like don't like them at all.


After looking at the other comments, I see I am so not alone in my hatred for black jelly beans. Yuck!! Congrats on passing the 1000 mark on posts and sales. I enjoy your blog and creations so much!


Congrats on all the sales! I can see why you've been successful.

My least favorite Easter candy is the creme eggs they used to make; not sure if they do anymore. They had a firm, tasteless filling and yucky-flavored coatings. They were nasty!

Mary B. in Oklahoma

Laurie, I would love to have your created purple Easter bunny and her baby and anything else that is included!! It is like winning the blog lottery. I love all the things you make AND find. Congrats on 1032 posts!! You are so good at keeping in touch with all of us. Thank you for giving us so much time and inspiration!
I don't like those candy eggs with the white candy inside. They come prewrapped now to hide.
Mary B. in Oklahoma


oh how fun! it is hard for me to think of an easter candy i dislike, it is my favorite time of year for holiday candy! i always loved my easter basket that my dad made for me, even more than my christmas stocking!
i guess one think i do hate are those little plastic egg cartons full of bubble gum eggs. they always tasted bad for me, and who wants gum? not me! give me robin eggs or marshmallow eggs or jelly beans or even those cheap marshmallow ish candy coated things they always threw out at the church easter egg hunt!

Patti M

Congratulations Laurie...you centennial girl you! My least favorite Easter candy is a toss up between black jelly beans...yuk...& those Easter eggs with the hard candy shell and the petrified marshmallow center...double yuk! The dog won't even eat them....and the dog eats poop! LOL! Thanks for all the fun inspiration & eye candy!...hugs Patti M :)

Jane Villa

Brach's Bunny Basket Eggs - THE WORST !! Those sickeningly sweet marshmallow coated eggs with candy shells. The fruitcake of Easter - they will survive the apocalypse.

Sarah S.

Amazingly cute easter crafts! It inspires me to decorate for easter!

My least favorite candy is anything licorice flavored...like those black jelly beans! Tainting a perfectly delicious treat! :)


Oh sign me up for your wonderful giveaway.
my least favorite is cadbury eggs to sweet for me.


Hello Magpie Ethel:

Yay, 1000! I read your blog religiously and salivate over your vintage Christmas estate sale finds!

As far as my least favorite Easter candy - lime flavored anything, but mostly green jellybeans. They taste like cleaning fluid to me!

Thank you, Rosie


I am definitely not a fan of Cadbury eggs. It's not so much the taste but the way that it reminds me of eating raw egg yolk by the way it looks!

Sign me up for this giveaway, lady!



Congrats! Yours is my favourite blog to visit! What a fun giveaway.

Renee Yancy

So fun reading everyone's likes and dislikes. I always loved peeps but ONLY after they were old and stale and hard. Nice and chewy then! Least favorite - Cadbury creme eggs - make my teeth hurt just thinking of them.

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

Congrats on over 1000. Wow that is a lot of wrapping. There is not a lot of candy that I do not like, but I never did care for the cheap chocolate or chocolate that had coconut or nuts in it.


Definately PEEPS! Love your blog!

Kim Campbell

I love Peeps and I dislike the solid chocolate eggs that have the "egg like" center. You know the "C*****y Bunny" ones!

I just bought one of your adorable Easter creations!

Rhonda C.

Congrats on 1,000 celebrations!!! Love your blog and always looking forward to the smile or chuckle you bring!

Lease favorite candy is the yucky black jelly beans!


Peeps. So cute. So gross.


I love your blog. Congrats on the big milestone! My least favorite Easter candy is black jelly beans.



Congrats Laurie!!

Least favorite Easter candy is "spiced jellybeans"..Love the black ones!

Sherri  S.

Congrats! As an inveterate estate saler and Etsy seller, I swoon over your estate sale finds. The saleage has not been so great around here for the past year or so. Lots of sales, just not much good!

I too HATE jelly beans, of any color. Blech!

Fingers crossed that I might win (though I never do, boo hoo!).


Congratulations on your milestone! I love reading your blog and seeing your estate sale treasures!! My least favorite Easter candy would be Cadbury eggs.


Well who knew there where so many peep haters! I'm joining the club. I can't stand that gooey mess if a chick! I'll take your back jelly beans though! Congrats on a thousand you truly one of a kind!!

Debra Ganas

Well ,it would be a "Happy Day" for me if I would win. But any day Laurie has a new post is happy.
Hmmmmm, least favorite candy.Cheap chocolate bunnies. I like the GOOD stuff.
CongratsLaurie on the BIG 1000!!!


Debra Ganas

Sorry, forgot to add this. love the peeps but I do not like the eyes on peeps. Tastes like and feels like plastic to the tongue. I pick it off before I eat them.


Lisa W.

Please enter my name to the giveaway ! My least favorite Easter candy would have to be jelly beans in weird flavors .... like bubble gum, passion fruit, blue punch ( or something ) ... etc. Yuk .


I love looking at your vintage collections! I found that the vintage bell ornaments were my favorite. I also love your vintage Santa lawn ornaments!

As far as Easter candy goes...I least like the Cadbury egg with the disgusting runny egg filling. Yuck!


I confess, I don't like Peeps!!!! Congrats on your exciting milestones!

cindy baugh

I just found you via Amy at InspireCo. I love your blog and will add you to my list on my blog. My least favorite Easter candy is jelly beans


Hey Laurie! What a wonderful give away! I recently purchased one of your Irish lassies and love her. She is so cute. Well...my least favorite Easter candy is the creme filled Cadbury egg. Just thinking about all of that creme makes my teeth hurt! Other than that teeth hurting creme egg, I love all Easter candy and can't wait for the Easter bunny to come visit. Have a wonderful day, Holly

Barb Grosik

Congradulations on a 1000 sales!I truly love to peek at all the treasures you find and those that you create. As for my least favorite Easter candy-those hard shell marshmallow eggs-I thought I was the only child of the 50's that received those disgusting things!I now know better after reading the other comments. Hoppy Easter!!


My least favorite Halloween candy are the Marshmallow Peeps. I think they are adorable, but I don't like the taste of them at all!


Congratulations on your milestones! My least favorite Easter candies (it's a tie) would be black jelly beans or those bright-colored eggs with the gooey middle and the hard shell *shudder*....I think my mom filled my basket with them because she didn't want me to eat too much candy! :)


congrats on your 1,000 +posts, that is amazing. can't wait to see the next 1,000 +++++. do not like peeps peeps peeps. only thing they are good for are the peeps dioramas.....


Congratulations Laurie on your 1,000th sale! May you have 1,000 more! I absolutely hate hard coated, egg shaped marshmallows. Errrrrrruggghhhh! You think you are getting something chocolate only to be given a vital shock to your systemwhen your teeth hit the squishymarshmallow! Happy Anniversary! E


I HATE (I know hate is a strong word) cheap chocolate bunnies. They taste horrible and don't melt in your mouth. YUK!!! Your creations are adorable and I would love to own one. Thanks for the giveaway.


WHITE chocolate bunnies. Oh ick no, if it's white, it's not really chocolate, is it?????


The worst easter candy ive ever had is when i was young and in our baskets were these hardcoated colorful eggs with a horrible dry marshmallow center, pretty colors but horrible taste! Thank you for the chance to win!


Easter nougat eggs - least favorite. Love all the cute vintage things you create - Thank you for the chance in your giveaway!

Robin Carr

I love your blog and read it faithfully. I hate those whopper eggs. i buy them accidentally
. They come in milk cartons just like the Rainblow Egg shaped bubble gum. CONGRATS on your thousandth post. I would love to win!

Sheryl Remy

And on to 1000 more. I guess I'm too old. I never had much more than jelly beans, chocolate eggs with filling by Russel Stover or Fanny Farmer and a chocolate rabbit. I disliked the maple center in those type of eggs. My kids did have those bubble gum eggs in the minature egg carton that were horrible though. Sheryl

Crystal Sloane

Wowsers!!! 1000+ posts! I've loved reading every single one!!! I really don't like candy that much at all...but probably the worst Easter candy for me is Peeps, cadbury eggs, and those cheap chocolate bunnies from the drug store...yuck. Oh...and large cheap jelly beans. lol I do love little jelly beans and reeses eggs though!!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Congrats on 1000+ posts and sales, Laurie, and here's to 1000's more! Without a doubt, my least favorite Easter candy is Peeps. Hate them. With a passion. Yuck!!!


Congrats and Yay for you Laurie!! A sweet giveaway to celebrate! Oh, my least favorite are definitely peeps!! xo Heather

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