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March 06, 2013



very sweet! i need to put my easter up before it is too late! i've just got a few little bunnies.

Erica / Golden Egg Vintage

Such a cute collection! I guess it's true...bunnies really do multiply like wild fire!
Thanks for sharing.
Erica :)


You know how bunnies multiply!Esp at your house :-)
I've been hauling out all my Easter bunnies and chicks today.....I think everything has been multiplying!!
I got on your blog to get some inspiration and I found your new post. Thanks for sharing!
Can't wait to see more.

Maria in Long Beach, CA

I'll say it again...your hubby is a saint :o Can you give us any idea how big your home and studio are? Thanks for sharing the cute bunnies and making giggle at the same time.
P.S. Maybe you have a collection of husbands too? Haha


what a wonderful bunnie collection! well of course your collection grows.. you know what they say about rabbits multiplying! lol
hippity hoppity!

Lisa W.

A Glorious display !! I love it !! I have yet to get my modest collection of Easter goodies out of the box .. but I think you have inspired me to start tonight ! The pieces that I got from you will be front and center, as always ! I better hop to it ...... thanks for sharing !!


Who would have thought there were so many bunnies to collect. Really impressive display.

Kim Kenward

I think your bunny land needs to hop their way over to my Easter dollhouse! What an impressive and delightful collection! So much fun!!


I don't even know how you keep track! I love that green egg cup in the 6th picture and I didn't realize you like plastic lace doilies. I have a few I would be happy to send your way in the next "Ethel Box"!


They look soo good all sitting in your perfect nook. I just realized that Easter is in three weeks, I just may have to forgo the St Pattys day decorations(which are still in storage) and just put up Easter. I have a few new chicks and bunnies I would also like to enjoy this year. Thanks for the inspiration!


Next to birds, bunnies are one of my favorites. You really have a great collection. I realy like the fuzzy guy to the right of the top hat guy. You do know to keep the boys and girls in separate boxes, right?


I <3 bunnies.

That is all.

(Not sure mine will see the light of day this year. Too much going on here)


I had to laugh at all the "multiplying bunnies" comments... Ha! Yep, your collection is awesome! I love that you can find these wonderful vintage items that we've never seen before. They all look so wonderful together Laurie! I dare say this weekend I too need to get out the Easter decor. At least inside it won't look like mid-winter (unlike the huge snow banks outside).

Your Bunny Land is adorable!


Adorable! (Can't believe it's Easter decorating time!)

Sheryl Remy

No new bunnies for me this year but I did find a flower cart for somebunny to push. Your bunny collection put a smile on my face this morning. I love it.


I'm always amazed at your finds. I don't think I've ever seen any of these bunnies in person anywhere! What a fab collection. Have you ever thought of publishing a book of your collections? Might be up some publisher's alley. Bet it would be marvelous!


I think your esater Bunnies are my favorite...but of course I say that on every holiday you post. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face.


What a fun and adorable collection! Love seeing all the cute faces! xo Heather


You can never have enough bunnies:)


I love all Easter candy. All of it. Jelly Beans, anything covered in chocolate. I haven't met a piece of Easter candy I did not like.

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