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March 05, 2013



You must be some sort of Genie or something or you are the Queen of storage!!! I just have to thank you for "Opening" my eyes to everything around me and making me look at things differently now! Nice collection of store displays....The Easter one is my fave along with your stork.
Thanks for sharing!

Maria in Long Beach, CA

I love the metal display frames :o)


Such a neat collection and I love the Brown & Haley one!! xo Heather


Of all your collections this has to be my favorite! I love the graphics and the fonts. I wish Target had that line again. I wonder every holiday if they will wise up and offer a vintage style line. I would think there would be a big demand for such items.
I have one old chip holder in red which I use all the time. I would love another one.
Can't wait to see bathroom update pictures!

Kim Kenward

My grandparents owned a woman/children's clothing store for 40+ years. Your store displays bring back fond memories of playing in their store after-hours.


Yep. My favorite collection so far. I love old grocery store items since my family has been in the grocery store business forever. I used to handle those metal signs and the clip strips on a daily basis. Now I would KILL to get my hands on all that stuff. It wasn't even old, it just had a cool vibe and would be so useful. My dream is to find an old Brach's pink and white striped dump bin.


I like the stork,too, but the Brown and Haley is cool becuae it has the flowers on the side :>)


Love this collection. My parents used to own a variety store and we had a large stork that was loaned out for baby showers. It was similar to yours and one time it got loaned out and not returned. No one could remember who borrowed it! We were so sad to lose it and I really wish I could have it now.

Maria (Magia Mia)

I can just picture you trying to get a stork like that past a TSA agent, on the way back from Round Top.......:P


Oh how I have missed these...I just love them all but the stork has always taken the cake. I start my job on Monday...seasonal flower director at a commercial landscape co. 7am-7pm. I may never make it to another estate sale ever...but I know I can find some sweetness here.



Great collection, I love wire display racks, have a few myself. And did I read that the stork lives in the living room?? I thought he lived in your studio? Must of been a good stork and got to move up in the world!


Love, love, LOVE that box that says "Come in and get all the facts"!!

Into Vintage

That 'get all the facts' box and it's enthusiastic font is so great. I can only imagine what product it was promoting -- any ideas?

Sheryl Remy

I'm glad someone thought to ask to see these display items. I love them. About 2 yrs ago, I bought a padlock display for my husband for his locks and he never used it. I thought I was being very thoughtful & clever with my gift. If Target ever has those chip bag displays again, please mention it. I rarely shop outside of thrifts but would love one. Thanks.


As usual, you blow me away with your collection!! Awesome -- and thank you for the shout out! I just KNEW you would have a terrific selection and I was right! I love them all; I hope it didn't take you too long to unload and load them back up again for the post! ;)

I have one of those metal signs as well, sitting empty in the basement; you've given me a great idea to actually USE it! Thank you!

I love the stork of course, but seeing all the other displays as well was terrific; those graphics are wonderful! Thank you Laurie!


WOW!I love the display racks and signs...you sure have some great ideas!

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