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March 12, 2013



It's the graphics that get me every time. Wouldn't it be nice if today's products were given the same care and detail. What a fun collection.
If I could go back I would have saved a napkin from each of my kids birthdays and holidays. It would have been a fun memory.
Oh well, I guess this is why I collect other people's pasts! :o)

Sheryl Remy

Do you collect any dish ware? A china set, milk glass or any type of table ware? I noticed that the majority of the birthday cakes were pink. My favorites were the storks.

Kim Kenward

Oh my goodness. The graphics are just incredible. Truly one-of-a-kind. They just aren't the same anymore. Great rescues!


Those napkins are wonderful! Oh what memories you bring back with the Huckleberry Hound. I loved to watch Yogi when I came home for lunch from school in the mid-60's... what a great collection Laurie.

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one to save a napkin or two from each holiday; been doing that for years (hey, maybe one day someone will appreciate MY hoarding!) ;)


I love the cowboy themed napkins. I would take those and frame them up to hang in Alex's bathroom. I have a rustic type theme going on in there. Is there anything special that you like to do with all of those lovely napkins besides just have them?



Oh, I had forgotten all about those birthday napkins we used as a child!! Every time I look at your blog I want to head on over to eBay and find something else!! LOL
Huckleberry Hound, here I come!


You've outdone yourself on this one! I love the puppy print myself.


Another great chapter for your book! I always loved the napkins that had designs on all sides-- or even inside. Seemed extra special. Maybe I should get out more! Ha, ha...

Janet Johnson

What a fun collection and it answers a question... "who would buy these old, unwrapped napkins?". Love the Halloween and Hopalong Cassidy. Oh, and the floral and the Easter.


A great collection and I love the Easter and rose ones!! Have a great day! xo Heather


I'm looking at my plain white napkins now.....how fun would it be to have something pretty in the napkin holder. Of course those were saved for special occasions.Can't believe how many birthday cake ones you have! Love the Easter ones (cute bunny and happy eggs)and the Halloween ones are my fave too. Actually they're all darling!The last ones made me do a double take, they look like hankies! Thanks for the smile on my face!
Have a wonderful day :-)


I am a firm believer in PINK birthday cakes. Every one of those cakes is PINK. I knew I was right! ;)

Another great collection!

Do you collect anything made in Modern day? Like I collect Bluebirds of Happiness that are made currently. Pretty much everything else I own is way older than me! If you do, lets see it!


I love the Halloween napkins. Almost made me want to cry a bit. That was my mom's favorite holiday, mainly because it meant Autumn. I just lost her to cancer a year and a half ago :o(

Show me your collection of head vases.


I spotted my 6th birthday napkin in your collection! Thank you for a reminder of such a sweet memory.

Do you have a collection of:

children birthday party invitations?

cake/cupcake picks?

childrens purses?

college penants?

girl scout memorabilia?

santa/child photos from department stores?

chris mckinley

Love the graphics!! You have quite a large collection of paper napkins!! I'm shocked!



This is quite a collection! I have never seen meal blessing napkins. With you being such a Christmas nut, it is odd that there is only one lone Santa. They must be with Christmas, as you say.


This is one of my very favorite collections you have shown. I had to roll through the pictures twice to take a second look. Love it!

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