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March 24, 2013



TRIPLE WOW!!! So that's where all the spun cotton chicks are LOL!
They sure make a cute statement gathered like that.The nodders look cute corralled together too.
So lucky that you got the honeycomb egg garland!Of course I think all that vintage goodness is meant to go home with you.
Thanks for sharing and for the smile on my face :-)


Pretty Easter decor. The nodders are so cute! And the garland of eggs is a real charmer. I am amazed with all the chicks you have collected that you don't have about a million little bitty eggs all over the place. Maybe vintage chicks don't lay eggs?

Kim Kenward

I love Easter and I really wish it wasn't so early this year. I want to last a bit longer. Your chick and nodder collection are simply fantastic. That honeycomb garland is perfectly displayed. Bring on the pastels! Easter hugs!


So cool Laurie! I love the crepe egg garland too - well, I love it ALL! The nodders "corralled" are too cute; and 130 chicks! That's some impressive farming!!! ;)

I thought of you today; daughter and I went to an antique show and I got a bunch of vintage Easter goodies to add to my decor. One was a large paper egg from the 60's that is so 'You'


Laurie, you find the best stuff and bravo to you for the way you display it!

Lisa W.

I simply love it all ! What a display ! Thanks for sharing Laurie !!


oh! its no wonder I cant find any little old chenille/cotton chicks... I think you have them all! LOL!
you have the most wonderful collections Laurie. and the nodders?!! omg!
have a great week and a wonderful easter!


Used to live in your hood so I love seeing all the cool stuff you're finding but I have to say you are lucky I'm not there because I would be your biggest competition at the estate sales and expo! Haha! What do you use to replace missing eyes on the cotton chicks? Looks like some type of seed? Thanks for sharing!

Sheryl Remy

It's simply wonderful. I discovered the joy honeycomb pieces through your blog. They are so simple and yet so beautiful. I have never seen the egg garland and really need some now.


So festive!!! I hope Texas will give you even more holiday goodies to bring home.
How is the bathroom redo coming along?
Happy Spring!!!


I love all the pastels too! Your mantle looks darling and I love that yellow nodder with the dapper blue hat and pink flowers...chicks melt my heart! Happy Monday! karen..

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Love the pastels of Easter, and those blue feather trees are real knockouts! I just saw my first ever nodder at an antique store, and boy was it ever $$$. Really appreciating your collection of them right now!


Love your pretty spring decorations!! The honeycomb garland is so sweet!! And, those nodders are all so darn cute! xo Heather

Into Vintage

You live in a magical place. Or you've made it a magical place to live.

That swarm of Easter chicks is about the cutest thing I've seen! Or maybe it's the little guy in the gingham hat...


I always loved the pastel colors of Easter too! Do I daresay I like Easter even more than Christmas?!

laurie mapgie ethel

I guess I am glad you don't live here anymore give me competition..there is enough here as it is.
Aahhh..those pesky eyes. Those tiny chicks always seem to be missing eye one or both. I use tiny black seed beads when I replace them.


Thanks Laurie! Really love your blog. My big thing is holiday collectibles and I post some photos every once in a while on my Twitter account. Surprisingly hard to find stuff here in NYC though! Happy Easter and good luck at the sales!


I love it. All those little cuties, that garland and those awesome blue feather trees.

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