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March 29, 2013



SIGH......Lucky #2!!It just seems like I made a comment on the boatload of Easter cardboard cut outs and now you have more Halloween ones!Happy you got a witch that you didn't have.
Love the subdued colors for Christmas like pink instead of the usual red and green.Pretty coronation tin.
Thanks for sharing!


I am moving to your neighborhood...here on the right coast I never see this much good stuff - some of the stuff you highlight I've never even seen in antique shops and I've been gong for 40 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work and happy hunting!

Kim Campbell

OMG! Score!!!!!!! I LOVE my whale! I am so glad I purchsed her!!!!!

Kim k.

Laurie...how you manage to score Halloween goodies amazes me. I never ever find Halloween anymore.


Wow!!! What a fun sale for you. Wasn't Queen Elizabeth pretty?
So glad all these goodies ended up with you.
I hope your good luck follows you to Texas!!!

chris mckinley

The I see what you find at Estate Sales, the more I think I should be living in Portland!


Sheryl Remy

Well Laurie I think your pretty well set for Easter, Halloween, Christmas and 4th of July. That's just envy talking. We may have to invent some more holidays for you to focus on so we can see all the little beauties you come up with. Let the May Day hunt begin.

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