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March 22, 2013


Kim k.

A fun outing to bring home your son, splendid goodies and fresh flowers. Who could ask for more? It's going to be ages before we see spring blooms. I think a trip to the florist is in order!! Happy weekend. Enjoy your one on one time with your son this week.


We had unexpected snow and freezing temperatures yesterday so I cut all my Daffodils and brought them in. I wish I could have Daffodils every day of the year. They are my very favorite.

That Hawaiian Punch can brings back memories of holiday school parties and red mustaches.


I want stardust undies!
I adore that vase of daffies and yes, the roads to Corvallis are lined with them at this time of year and I always wonder who planted them all.


I don't know if they have them in the USA but in Canada we still have Rexall Drugstores where that First Aid Kit probably came from (a billionaire who owns the Edmonton Oilers now owns the chain, one of the richest men in Canada). Cheers!

My Shabby Roses

You chose wisely...the sale I went to was BIG buck and nothing there that I wanted. I don't remember seeing any Christmas either.
Love the daffodils, have a great time with your boy.


Wow....you have to be an expert at these sales.Grabbing all those goodies and managing to get out the door with all those people in there.I always have visions of you carrying stacks of stuff and peering through a hole somewhere like those cartoon characters :-)Love those bells and cans.
I think the sales are starting in full swing down here now too.
Those daffodils look gorgeous in that vase.
Have a great weekend!

Into Vintage

Ohh -- wishing I could find some of those little ornaments. I don't know how you manage to find so much in such a crowded house! I went to a local sale yesterday where they let everyone in at once and it was ridiculous -- couldn't see or grab anything. Maybe you can write a little how-to for me? :-)


I know you're going to do something fantastic with those frames. Have a great time with Ben!


Great frames. LOVE the Hawaiian Punch can!!

Kim Campbell

Awesome!! *sigh* I have done my "estate" shopping all morning on etsy!!!

Do you have a button I can use for my blog?


That tobacco tin is perfect for your pipe cleaners! I'm sue that cute little guy will guard them when you are away. Enjoy the Spring break!!


What a treasure trove of vintage goodies!!


Good finds! I will enjoy seeing what you do with those floral frames. You have such great vision. The daffodils are gorgeous! Mine just started coming up and we are getting a snowstorm as I type..GRRR! Sick of the white stuff! Have fun with Ben, mine all go back to school on Monday, they have been out all week. Hard to believe it is spring break time already *sheesh* time does fly.


My son's name is Ben too!
I love all your finds, amazing how many good things you find! karen...

Maria (Magia Mia)

Awesome finds! Those frames are great candidates for chalk paint.

I, too, love the real pipe cleaners. Great narrow and short dimensions, as well as the creamy color and texture.

Sheryl Remy

The Hawaiian Punch can is perfect for a 4th of July display with those great colors. I really fell for those cardboard bells and the red plastic bells too. The red bells remind me of those vintage cookie cutters. I collect those in red, green and amber. Sheryl

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