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March 16, 2013



Glad you got in a couple of good sales! The slide with the family and birds was pretty funny :-)I was eyeballing the Santa wrapping paper and tablecloth in the other pics too. Isn't it nice to have friends that snag stuff for you too! Did notice the cute deer.
Thanks for sharing.
Have a great weekend!!


Wonderful things and a wonderful friend for picking up the Putz houses for you.

I bought a slide projector at the thrift a while back to watch some old family slides I found at my Grandmother's house. I've been picking up slides at sales now and we are going to have a slide show some night. I think it will be fun to relive the 1960's with a bunch of strangers!


Lucky day & a great friend to grab you those Putz houses! I always wonder though what I missed not being the first in the door. It eats at me. I think I have a problem:-)



Great finds! How nice to have friends like Tom! Love the photo stuff-- very cool. Never saw an aluminum spoon rest before. How MCM (as people are now saying!).


The pictures with the birds are a riot! Must have been the highlight of a vacation. How nice to have a friend like Tom, especially when you waited so long to get into the sale! Cool spoon rest, too...love the color.

Kim k.

Tom is a sweetie for snagging those houses for you. Super table cloth. I hope you've had a great with your spring break daughter.


Hi my friend..saw your sweet face and darling idea in Amy's magazine and I said "Hey I know this sweet girl!"
Happy dance. xo

Jil Casey

Such great finds, like them all but especially the vintage Christmas cards.

Ann (Protector of Vintage)

You found great treasures and so nice to hear of Tom's thoughtful gesture!!


I love that little deer. The slide reminded me of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds movie - eeee!


I appreciate your tenacious spirit tostand in line so early for us! E

Erica, GoldenEggVintage

Not a bad haul for #33! That was really sweet of your friend! LOVE the houses! And the x-mas wrap is fantastic!
Hey- these are on EBay right now and they make me think of you!
Sorry, I don't have your email. But here is the link. Aren't they cute???? Too bad everyone else thinks so too! Haa! Erica :)



Love the Christmas cards! And the photo covers are awesome...could be upcycled and used for so many cool things.

We NEVER have sales like this in CA. Love to see all your finds.

You're a true collector...otherwise your Etsy shop would have about 3000 pages :o)

Sheryl Remy

You always teach me something when I read your blog. Those Kodak Christmas folders are fabulous. I love the way you seem to see the beauty in every thing around you. I hope your readers make you smile once in a while too.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

That must have been some sale, to be 33rd in the door and still come out with some great goodies! Loving those houses and that cute deer!


Another happy day in estate sale land! My parent sent the green/red Christmas card (the horizontal version,) in 1959 :)


You did pretty well, and I love the tablecloth!! So beautiful! xo Heather

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