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March 02, 2013


My Shabby Roses

You did really good today!


oh wow! that is a GREAT haul! i love the pipe cleaner animals best i think, i haven't seen those before! i'm in awe of all the spun heads as well!


Wow, look at all your goodies! Love those sweet bunny heads, and those pretty linens!! xo Heather


WOW.....DOUBLE WOW!! Looks like it was Ready, Set and GO for you now! I'd say it's officially started for you!
All those heads and picks right up your alley but I must say the Easter duck nodder really got my attention through those trees.I still have yet to find one of those chicken wire bells.....those are too just too cute.
So glad you got a big fix!!
That would've made my week or month even :-)
Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!


I've never seen blanket clips before - those are really adorable.

At the Salvation Army, they decorate a HUGE tree in the lobby with all the donated ornaments. This year I scored six of those chicken wire ornaments off it for 25¢ each. Last year I got a dozen Mercury picks off it for 10¢ each. You really have to look at every ornament to find the good old vintage ones.

I have a huge jar full of those raspberry beads, but I haven't thought of a use for them.....yet!


Wowza!!! You hit the jackpot! I only made it to one and it was slim pickings but at least I got to one. Love your finds and can't wait to see what you do with that foil.


lucky you! I LOVE those pipe cleaner cupcake picks.. toooo freaken cute!
happy sunday!

Kim Kenward

Holy MOLY! I'm calling my mother to have her go check out your post. You seriously hit the jackpot. Love those bunny head floral picks. They have the sweetest little faces.

We're hoping to get one last skate in today on the backyard rink. It's going to be in the 20s today but by the end of the week we'll hit 50. Happy Spring!!

chris mckinley

Once again...the Queen of Estate Sales hits the jackpot!! I've never seen blanket clips before pretty cute!!



Yay! It is getting better down in this part of the state too. I would have been a pretty happy girl had I found half of what you scored. I only went to one estate sale last week but it was a good one and definitely worth the longer drive. What are you planning on doing with that amazing foil?

See you soon!



You never cease to amaze. The pipe cleaner animals are too funny. Never saw patterened foil before. Looks rather 70s-- wonder how I missed it back then!

Meri Wiley

Wowza......you hit a jackpot!



You found such a great variety of fun things! The blanket clips are so cute. I had not seen that foil before. Sad they didn't have the Wintergreen...

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

What a fun assortment of items. I think the stuff finds you sometimes. Love the patterned foil.


Into Vintage

Crying in my coffee over here ... tears of joy for your loot, of course!

Erica / Golden Egg Vintage

OK- You are for sure OFF AND RUNNING for the season! Let the 2013 Estate Sale begin!
What a great haul to start it off with!
Erica :)

Lisa W.

I think you came across some really WONDERFUL finds today. I may never get over the chenille animal picks ... ( the giraffe ! ) If you ever get to the point where you say to yourself ... " I can't live with these chenille animal picks in my house another moment longer !" I'll take them ! :)


You're not helping my lack-of-sale-depression one bit, missy, but I'm going to try to lift my head from the pillow and weakly type - happy for you!

Sheryl Remy

I too love the bunny heads. They will be so cute when you finish them. I have never seen blanket clips before. And the cupcake pick animals are wonderful. I hit a church sale on Saturday and found a bag of 2" tall ceramic turkey there. It made my day.
Happy hunting.

Sheryl Remy

Oh, I forgot to mention the printed foil. Another thing to add to my list of things to look for.


Nice haul! The foil is crazy, first time I have seen that. I hit one sale that I ran across by accident. I only barely peeked in the upstairs rooms when my husband called me to pick him up. I grabbed 4 boxes of vintage cards and paid for them. He couldn't understand why it took me 20 minutes to get him when I was only 5 minutes away. I pleaded horrible traffic. I was kind of sad because the house had a bunch of great stuff in it and it was 50% off day :(

Maureen Kuppe

Wow! What great finds! I love the uber-cute bunny heads! And the foil! And the turquoise tree topper! Oh heck, I love it all!

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