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March 28, 2013


Erica / Golden Egg Vintage

I don't know how you do it! I have one big cut-out. It's the chick with the red flower and blue scarf on her head...and I had to buy her on Etsy this year!
You are somethin else I tell ya!
Happy Easter you lucky girl!
Erica :)

Kim Kenward

Seriously! I can't believe your luck. I have a couple of those diecuts and they were seriously hard to score. You are one lucky gal.


Adorable! I love their Easter bonnets.


I just sent the scan of the bunny with the blue bow and a couplle of others..I have the bare chick and both ducks but have never seen the chick with the head scarf! FUN FINDS!

Maureen Kuppe

Ah but the fun is in the digging, right? Especially when you uncover treasure like that! Wonderful and adorable finds Lucky Laurie!!!


I have decided it would be worth every penny to just watch you take down and put up the next holiday...smiles...Renee


You are one lucky lady!! I think you're going to be hopping all the way to Texas now LOL :-)Love those cardboard cut-outs.
I'm totally shocked in what you find up there!
Thanks for sharing :-)

Linda Colantino

Oh how fun! You did hit the jackpot for sure. Love to look at all your goodies.
You have a great blog.


aww! its all so cute! I noticed at one of our local grocery stores these awesome easter display boards. I'm going to stop in there and ask what they are going to do with them after easter. cant hurt to ask.. I really would love to have one!
Have a great easter Laurie!

chris mckinley

These are all so cute!! What is it about little chicks, that make me smile? Happy Easter! chris

Sheryl Remy

I'm glad I kept mine. I have some of the ones you found. But mine have the little pin holes from my bulletin board. I think that is why I decided to teach, I loved decorating bulletin boards. I left teaching many years ago but I still like decorating for the holidays.


Lucky you!!! I went to the antique mall specifically looking for Easter cut outs. Didn't see one in the entire mall and believe me I looked.
I am would be so excited to find the chicks with the scarf and with the hat.
Sooooooo cute!!!!
It was your lucky day!


Lucky! Next time I'm in Portland, I'm going to have to ask you where the secret spots are for vintage goodies, not faucets!

I have several of those same cutouts. If I could get two seconds, I am going to photograph my Easter decorations and blog about them. This dang girl of mine wants to go go go!! She is pretty bummed that there are no sales today. I am going to have to take her to Glory Days to make up for it. Bummer:-)



Your digging sure was worth it. You certainly have a good eye for these things! It's like clothes shopping with a cousin of mine: she can spot a clearance rack from the other side of the store!


Laurie, I absolutely love when I have missed a few posts. I rub my hands together over the keyboard as though I am diving into a huge vat of vintage. It's fantastical! Your game board challenge had me giggling. Who but you would think of collecting such a thing. It's wonderful. And your lifetime of peep collecting is a thrill for those of us who never even knew such things existed. You are a breath of Easter sunshine my friend! I wish you a joyous Easter day with your family. Elizabeth

Judy A

They are so cute seriously vintage (but they have aged well)Absolutely darling! Which ones were you saying are more modern? -Judy A-


Lucky, lucky, lucky!!! What fun you will have decorating! !
Happy Easter!!

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