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March 21, 2013



Wow!It seems to be going pretty quick.That's too bad about the hex tile underneath.At least the new floor is similar.I love all of your vintage goodies esp the glass towel bars and hamper. The floral fabric and rug looks like you.Can't wait to see what you're going to do with the old soap dispenser and the finished bathroom.
Have fun :-)

Kim Kenward

Aren't you having fun gathering vintage goodies for your bathroom project! Can't wait for the big reveal. Best wishes with all the extra construction company, including the pesky drywall guests!


What a lot of work - I sure hope you have another bathroom to use during the demo! (I know what it's like to be without water for a few days - we had our own demolition a few weeks back; not by our choice tho!). I can't wait to see all your vintage touches when it is done. Love, love, love that last soap dispenser!


I believe those towels were meant for me! :o)
I just can't wait to see how this all turns out. I am sure it will be beyond wonderful!!!
I love the old flooring. Doesn't it make you wonder why someone would cover over it? I especially like the little yellow details. It's all in the details! I have many of the items you will be using in your bathroom so I am excited to see how you use them. I will so copy cat you!

Janet Johnson

Oh, the stripped down bathroom looks so sad. I know the new will be great especially a new tub that will be easy to clean! I hope you save some of those hex tiles for some art project -- maybe for the yard. A stepping stone, perhaps? Good luck with the whole project. Hope everything goes smoothly with no surprises.


Kinda neat to see the "bones" of a room. Do you mind me asking when your house was built? Hope all the work goes smoothly so you can get on to the fun decorating phase.

Judy A

I just "selfishly" LOVE when you post everyday! I look so forward to your interesting finds and crafts.Good luck on the new bathroom looks like your going to have a ball! -Judy A-

chris mckinley

Isn't it amazing that the demo goes so fast! Can't wait to see how you finish the bathroom.



Such fun!! I love the bath rug. And I can see all kinds of cute things hanging from all those towel bars. You will have a ball!
Demo sure goes fast, doesn't it?
Oh, you could even put towel bars on the ceiling and hang things from there!

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

How exciting Laurie! It will be fun to see the transformation. I will love to see all the vintage details.



Yikes, I can't believe how it looks after just seeing it a few weeks ago!
I love the "grandma green" rod and soap holder and the bath rug and hamper. I think you should go ahead with the monogram towels as a nod to Magpie Ethel.
I know that whatever you do, it will be beautiful!

Patti M

Did you just call your neighbor a hoarder? LOL!... there is a fine line between the person who has multiple collections & a horder! I 'm just say in'...LOL! ....hugs Patti M : )


Pretty sure that M stands for Marci...just sayin' :) Well, looks like a lot of work and a lot of fun to me! Can't wait to see the final result!

Sheryl Remy

I am looking forward to the big reveal when it's finished. You found some great vintage pieces to work with. I liked Janet's idea about a stepping stone using the bathroom tiles.


I try to put a vintage twist on my master bathroom too. I have a couple of chenille bath mats that have held up suprisingly well considering they are probably pretty old! The M for Magpie towels have to go up. There is just no way around it:-)



I think the soap dispenser and the chenille rug would be my highest priorities (after the plumbing, of course!) I have one of those metal soap boxes ... possibly my only vintage bathroom accessory!


Wow, right down to the lathe. Our house has that too. When we did the kitchen, we found a mouse nest insde the wall. Yuck! Our home was built in 1922. Old plaster walls too. How old is your home? Can't wait to see the end result. Love that hamper!!


Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

My dream bathroom would have that white hex tile with little flower shaped inserts, probably pink or yellow! I love all of the vintage things that you've been squirreling away for the remodel, and it just shows that the new bathroom is going to be SO charming. Can't wait to see it!

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