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March 19, 2013



Congrats to the winners. Interesting candy results too. Guess I'm the token weird-o as I like Peeps!


What lucky ladies to win your wonderful prizes! How funny about all the disliked candy. Didn't know that so many people can't stand PEEPS. I had forgotten all about those hard eggs with marshmallows in them. I too loved them as a child, hmmmmm I wonder how my adult self would like them now. Guess I need to try and locate some and see :) Have a great night and thanks for a fun give away, Holly
ps I will definitely be around for your next 1000 posts!


Congrats to the winners! Well done!
Are the only Cadbury eggs they sell in America the Creme ones? Because cadbury's regular chocolate eggs, cherry ripe eggs, crunchie eggs and basically all their other chocolate is absolutely delicious! In Australia it's the most popular brand of chocolate there is :) I will admit that I love their Creme eggs too, but I have an incredibly sweet tooth and know heaps of people even here who think they're too sickly-sweet!


Hilarious! I totally forgot about those colored eggs with the un-marshmallow filling until you showed them. Easter candy is like tradition; I buy the same thing almost every year! Easter Peanut m&m's, Starburst Jelly Beans and....drum roll: PEEPS which must go thru the crucial drying period first!


Aw geez, how did I miss your 1000 post?! Congratulations!

And so much fun to read about the most hated Easter candy bwahhaha! A big congrats to those who so eloquently described the object of their loathing and came up winners!

Happy week to you!

Kim k.

Congrats to your winners. Such a fun reason to celebrate. Keep the posts coming.


Congratulations to the winners! I am happy to hear that I am not alone in my dislike of those nasty creme eggs.

Erica / Golden Egg Vintage

LOL I'm eating PINK PEEPS as I type this! Love them! I'm a candy-aholic though. I loved finding my Cadbury Egg in by basket when I was little. But I want to talk about your third place winner...the hard candy egg with the wierd white center! My sister and I LOVE these! Brachs calls them Basket Eggs, but we haven't been able to find them this year or last. I was worried that they stopped making them! So I was excited to see that you found some. It's so funny to me that everyone dislikes Easter Candy so much!
Happy for your winners! They'll love receiving something from you!
Erica :)


Congratualtions to your winners. I had forgotten about the hide and seek eggs. They are really bad, too. Fun to see the tally!!

Sarah S.

Awesome! I love the cute plastic egg draw!

Sheryl Remy

Hooray for the winners.


this was a fun post! thank you!

Lisa P

Loved this post idea. So funny!

An old girl scout trick for those who hate peeps ... save them for the summer and toast them over the fire. The sugar caramelizes and their over sugary quality is redeemed :0) Also excellent as a s'mores filling.


Well I'm sad I didn't win this awesome giveaway but it was fun to see the least liked candies. I was saddened by all the hate on black jelly beans, those were my favorites! I was a weird kid.


I received the package filled with wonderful vintage Easter goodies. What a treat, thank you. I will set them out tomorrow. Bye the way, I like Peeps! I saw some adorable Gingerbread Man Peeps this Christmas.

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