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April 16, 2013



Those are really cute! My grandmother had a bunch of figural planters back in the day (she did use them for plants); I have a covered wagon of hers. Wonder what ever happened to the rest??


They are all soooo cute!! I've been slowly collecting them lately :) Hope you have a lovely day! xo Holly


Those planters are just darling!!
I like how you use them to hold things so they do double duty.Love the little girl holding the daisy and the cute giraffe.....you just gave me some more ideas!Glad the Rempel style friends got their moment of fame with their buddies :-)Is your grandma's elephant a little watering can or container too? I just noticed the little holes in his trunk.
Thanks for sharing.
Have a great day.

Janet Johnson

I love these planters, too.
Your bellhop and elephant are especially cute.

The twins look like one of your creations!

Sheryl Remy

Planters are so popular in WI now, so they are quickly picked up when located. I have a few, a couple of swans, bear sitting on a log. I fell in love with the children's planters when Elizabeth of Creative Breathing used her's to make parade floats with her wonderful characters. You have such a nice selection.


How can you NOT smile when you see these uber-cuties? They are all wonderful; so glad the last one got included too...he is adorable!

And the best thing - you USE them!


These are wonderful! I too am always drawn to the old planters. There is just so much variety! The girl with the daisy umbrella is my favourite from above.

Kim Kenward

Such a cheery post today. Something we all need right now. You really do have some darling planters.


A sweet collection! Love the lambies and ducks!! xo Heather


These planters were the very first thing that Maddie started collecting. My aunt brought the first one to her in the hospital when she was born. It is the most adorable little pink baby shoe and was filled with tiny little daisy's. Now, she has graduated on to the animal ones as well as the baby ones. I borrow them out of her room from time to time to add to my seasonal d├ęcor. I'm lucky she likes to share!


Linda @ A La Carte

These are just precious! I love planters and your figural collection makes me so happy!

hugs, Linda


What a great idea to use them in the medicine cabinet. A happy surprise when you open the door! How is the new bathroom coming along?


Oh my gosh! They are so darling!
I love the chicks...so cute!

Sorry the first part of your Texas trip wasn't so successful, it seemed to have picked up in the end. I am surprised it was pricey, I always thought the prices must be dirt cheap because so many people swarm there. Do you think you will go again?

Thanks again for your fun post! karen....


Well now Old McDonald! That is a fun collection of animals and little people! Hope you have thawed out now after your cold trip to TX! We still can't get spring to come to MN and the day after getting home from AZ we had 4 more inches of snow. Gads! It's a long, long winter this year.


I can never get enough of those, either!


i loooooove rumpel figures too! i have that donkey in my dining room window with a little cactus in him! the ducks are precious too.


They're all so lovely! And I am pleasantly surprised to see some I've never seen before! :)

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