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April 23, 2013



Very pretty. Don't recall seeing floral tops in all my thrifting adventures. Kinda rare?


I once had the round version of the off-white wicker basket one (but I sold it long ago...if only I'd known!) It was a thrift store find and very pretty. Hey, do you have a collection of college / graduation memorabilia? The upcoming graduation in our family made me think of that.


I don't think I've ever seen any containers with a floral knob on top.Those are darling!Love how you look at things and because of you,I now do the same :-) I was walking around a sale and I looked at something and it popped in my head "What would Laurie do?" LOL
Thanks for the sharing and all the wonderful ideas and inspirations!

Lisa W.

I know that lid ! I have the bottom to it ( as well as the top ) .... it is the lid to a hot chocolate pot . It's a tall , slender tea pot sort of thing, with the spout way at the top. The bottom is all bumpy , like the lid ... with no other flowers on it. It was one of the first "antiques" that I purchased in my early collecting days !

Sheryl Remy

Thanks to Lisa, now you know. The shape is very intriguing.


I doubt I have ever seen (or perhaps "noticed / realized" are better terms) flower handles to pots! How pretty! I hope you find the base to that top - hopefully Lisa can take a picture for you to help you in your quest!

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