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April 20, 2013



Glad estate sale land is in full swing again! Looks like you did good this weekend.I'm sure you're channeling your "Magpie Ethel" magic for those sconces.Those sparkler boxes are really neat. My fave is the box of wrapping paper and asst vintage goodies. That was a good surprise! The hankies are darling too.
Thanks for sharing!


Party birds - HOO-rah!


Oh wow what a haul!! You find the most amazing stuff!!!
love the wrapping paper and the ballerina box. And the bridge score cards and the sconces (that's a new word to me now!)


How cool! LOVE everything! Berry baskets are so fun to use...I never find wrapping paper - it is always modern. I am amazed when someone finds so much vintage paper.

Mary Ann

Love the Owl and the Pussycat tin.


Those sconces are my favorite (aside from the obvious party bird wrapping paper)! Pink and turquoise are my favorite colors to decorate with so those are right up my ally. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

My question for you is, do you actually use the vintage wrapping paper? I have a few packages of it that I have picked up but am not sure what to do with it. Any crafty ideas?

Have a great Sunday. Maddie & I are off to the flea market. She got her craft supplies all organized earlier in the week so she is ready to buy more.


Kim Kenward

I'm completely drooling over the wrapping paper...especially the birthday wrapping paper. The little children playing are just precious. Chris and I hit two estate sales yesterday. We'll be doing a western theme for Josie's 7th birthday and we found some treasures. Giddy up!!

chris mckinley

Another score for the Magpie!! chris


Amazed as always! No sales around here yet and never stuff like you find!


That is a jaw-dropping haul! Love, love the party birds wrapping paper.

Kim Campbell

Those bridge tally cards are too cute!!


I had fun this weekend, but I am longing for a sale where the people never threw anything away! The party bird wrapping paper came home to roost with the right person.


WOW!!! You have the best finds at the sales you go to!!! There are so many people going to them now and "taking" my sutff! Love your finds!


As usual you had a great haul! I'm always amazed at what you find.....it's as if it was meant to be!


OH! I love and want it all -- but especially the old Christmas tags! And the berry boxes!!


You always seem to hit the jackpot... wish we had more Estate sales up here - I have never been to one!

Love the one "Cheers" flag that is upside down - it needs to go along with a "drunken" spunhead figure for a New Years Eve ornament methinks. ;)


I would say you did very well! The wrapping paper is so cute and I can't believe you found Party Birds on paper!!

Sheryl Remy

Like Erica, I wonder how you use the vintage wrapping paper which by the way is fabulous. I love all the red, white and blue items you found. I can see the kite string holders becoming fire crackers. The cheers flags have a lot of potential. Good job.

Nan York

Oh my gosh what wonderful vintage things you snagged here. I love those Christmas stickers of Santa! Those hankies sell for a lot of Ebay too and on the fabric map I see they have Alaska as an island off the coast of Southern CA. LOL..


Such sweet finds!! Love the hankies and cute wrappings!! Can't wait to see how you create with them! xo Heather

Sir Thrift-A-Lot

The estate sales here always seem really boring from the photos online & I'm not sure how I'd handle the intensity of it all, but I get so jealous after looking at all your great vintage finds - they're perfect!


These are some of my favorite of your finds to date! And I, too, love vintage wrapping paper. I have a pretty good collection! Only recently have I been able to bring myself to actually USE it. Can you imagine? :) Cheers!

Meri Wiley

I just get sick with envy when you find all this stuff........when are you gonna' fly me out there and take me shopping??? LOL Are you up for adopting an adult???



Oh my !!!!! Are you selling any of this stuff? I love...love that sweet little ducky hankie :)and that vintage wrappig paper is too cute!!

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