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April 26, 2013



What a fun day! I can't wait to see the bathroom when she is all dolled up. The trashcan is perfect.


what a wonderful sale! i haven't had a big haul in so long! that electric jack straws game is interesting. as a kid operation terrified me! i HATED the noise it made and would cry and run away.


All this stuff just makes me happy, so I can imagine how happy YOU must be! Bright, happy things. That doll is especially sweet. What a lucky day you had!


Wow, look at these goodies!! Love the trash cans and the birthday plates are so sweet! Love it all! Happy weekend to you! xo Heather


Happy to hear you hit the "Mother Lode" sale.I can imagine you were doing the happy dance when you got home with all your goodies. I was shocked when I was trying to scroll down to the end of your post since it was so long LOL! Love all that you found!!
Thanks for sharing.


Amazing Sale! You certainly found some unique and interesting items. I can't wait until our Estate Sales and Rummage Sales to start up.

Kim Kenward

Love those board games and that doll is so sweet. I have yet to find a bottle brush tree at an estate sale. Great treasures.


What a haul! I am jealous! That trash bin is awesome and I love the black tin with the sunflower...and the xmas...and those containers! And and and.....
So many great things! Have a great weekend! karen...


I'm speechless!

Okay, not really. Although the sales around here are picking up, I still haven't had one where I make a haul like you did...BUT I WILL! Everything you found is amazing and so Magpie Ethel-ish but my two favorite things are those silly paint buckets and those colorful Dixie cups. Not sure what I would do with then but I know I wouldn't pass them up!

Have a wonderful weekend. The weather here has been amazing. We are planting flowers today. Hopefully the dogs can stay out of them:-)



I went to a sale yesterday and came home with a darling red plaid traincase and two glass nesting ash trays...I think I'm gonna quit and just read about your finds, it's more fun!


Great haul! I don't even know what to comment on!


My jaw is on the floor!! Wowza, you hit a honey hole at that one. Love the black tins and black trash can and vintage wallpaper and, and...


Definitely a sale of my dreams. I'm headed to one this morning, I've gotta take them when they show up around here. Here's to hoping its like yours. I love the Yellowstone brochure, I have something similar from mt rainier that I found at my grandparents lake cottage.

Happy Saturday!


Wowza!!! Good thing we don't shop together, there may have been some fightin' going on!!! LOL!

Good haul!


Amazing day for you!!! Estate Sale Heaven. Love it all. My very favorite would be the black/floral tins as I have just started a collection of black tins with floral design. If you want to sell one, let me know. Those games are wonderful and in such great shape and the waste basket looks perfect for your bathroom!!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

As a junker myself, it makes me happy to see you finding all of this stuff that makes YOU happy! What a fun haul!

Janet Johnson

I'm going to Yellowstone for a couple of days. Heck, (does anyone say "heck" anymore? I don't know where that came from!) for $13 a day, I can stay for a couple of weeks!

Did you notice in the ledger "theater, amusement - 40 cents"?

I think you are about to show us your collection of trash cans one of these Tuesdays.

Well, I know you had fun and you didn't have to wait in the rain either.


Oh, I know how those sales are few and far between! You got some fabulous stuff -- I love all the paint containers, the pipe cleaners and the glass ornaments! And of course the wallpaper!


I'm glad the sale season has kicked in! That doll is stealing my heart, for some reason. Quite a haul, all in all!


Wow Laurie, what a treasure trove! You always uncover the coolest things... all in your wonderful style. I think my favorite is that Electric Straws game. I never heard of one before - I had Operation and loved playing it!


Oh man! I love those kinds of sales. You know when you have to start a pile at the sold table or you go back in a second time it's a good one! I wish I ran across those more often but then again if I did you might see me on that show hoarders lol. I hit a couple up in the Couv and they weren't very good. One had everything so over priced it was just a bummer. I can't wait to see what you do with all those fab containers.

Sheryl Remy

Here everything is newish (my made up word) at the sales.It seems like if a person wasn't using an item it was given away or tossed out. People were just too practical.

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